Batman Arkham Knight Upgrades Guide – Combat, Batsuit, Gadgets, Batmobile

Batman Arkham Knight has a completely revamped character leveling system that focuses not just on the Dark Knight’s combat abilities, but also the capabilities of his nifty gadgets and all-important Batmobile.

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Batman Arkham Knight Upgrades

Here’s a look at all the upgrades available in Arkham Knight for Batman to take use of in the game.

Close Combat Upgrades

Special Combo Batarang
Allows you to release up to three Batarangs during full combo meter, which detonate upon impact.

Special Combo Boost
Reduces combo move unlock from x8 to x5.

Special Combo Explosive Gel
Increases the effectiveness of the explosive gel when combo meter is full.

Special Combo Batclaw
Increases effectiveness of the Batclaw when combo meter is full.

Critical Strikes
Time your next strike perfectly to double the damage by landing a strike immediately after your current strike hits.

Blade Dodge Takedown
Instantly take out an enemy who uses a bladed weapon by performing dodge with Leftstick + Triangle/Y.

Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown
Instantly incapacitate all floored enemies by pressing X+Circle/A+B with a full combo meter.

Special Combo Disarm and Destroy
Disarm an enemy and permanently destroy their weapon by pressing Squad+Triangle/X+Y with full combo meter.

Freeflow Focus MK II
Fill up your Special Combo meter to enable increased damage when striking enemies. Each attack with FreeFlow Focus MK II lowers the Combo meter and damage to normal.

Aerial Juggle
Performa a super stun, then unleash a series of powerful strikes against normal enemies with Circle, Circle, Circle, Square / B, B, B, X.

Batclaw Super Stun
Fire the Batclaw and bring them near you to stun them.

Charged Super Stun
Perform a Super Stun without having to perform three stun attacks by holding and releases Circle/B.

Weapon Steal MK II
Increases length of time you can hold a weapon from an enemy before it breaks.

Batmobile Assisted Takedown Boost
Batmobile assists takedown is available after achieving a x6 Combo instead of X9.

Special Combo REC
Damage multiple targets with a chain arc of electricity, leaving them stunned for a few seconds. Use L2+Circle/LT+B with full combo meter.

Special Combo Freeze Blast
Use a boosted Freeze blast to freeze enemies in a small radius.

Batsuit Upgrades

Grapnel Boost MK III
Launch yourself higher and faster with the grapnel boost.

Grapnel Boost MK IV
Greatly increasing height, range, and speed of the Grapnel Boost.

Grapple Takedown
Grapple on a ledge below an enemy and vault around to perform a takedown. Perfomed by pressing R1/RB followed by Triangle/Y.

Ballistic Armor Level 1
Provides 25% added protection against enemy projectile weapons.

Ballistic Armor Level 2
Provides 50% added protection against enemy projectile weapons.

Ballistic Armor Level 3
Provides 75% added protection against enemy projectile weapons.

Ballistic Armor Level 4
Provides 100% added protection against enemy projectile weapons.

Shockwave Attack
Dive bomb on to the ground and perform a powerful shockwave attack that knocks down enemies in the vicinity immediately. Press Circle/B on impact after dive-bombing.

Glide Boost Attack
Glide Kick to lock onto your target and then initiate a Dive Bomb. If you fill the Bat-symbol icon before impact, you instantly knock out your target and any enemies standing directly behind them. Hold Square+R2/X+RT for this.

Fear Multi-Takedown x4
Allows you to perform Fear Takedown on up to four enemies in quick succession.

Fear Multi-Takedown x5
Allows you to perform Fear Takedown on up to five enemies in quick succession.

Melee Armor Level 1
Provides 25% added protection against melee attacks.

Melee Armor Level 2
Provides 50% added protection against melee attacks.

Melee Armor Level 3
Provides 75% added protection against melee attacks.

Melee Armor Level 4
Provides 100% added protection against melee attacks.

Tech Gadget Upgrades

Smoke Pellet – Duration
Increase duration of smoke after throwing a Smoke Pellet.

Smoke Pellet – AoE
Increases area of effect and overall radius of smoke after throwing a Smoke Pellet.

Explosive Gel 1
Instantly incapacitate an enemy near an explosive gel and stun nearby ones.

Explosive Gel 2
Greatly increases the stun duration by explosive gel.

Explosive Gel 3
Increases the radial range of the explosion of the explosive gel.

Freeze Blast – Proximity Mine
Grants a freeze blast proximity mine that automatically detonates when an enemy comes close.

Freeze Cluster
Produces a powerful freeze blast that can freeze a cluster of enemies at once.

Freeze Cluster – Proximity Mine
Combination of Prox Mine and Freeze Cluster.

Freeze Blast – Freeze Duration
Increases the duration of the freeze effect on an enemy for all freeze-based weapons.

Disruptor – Sabotage Detective Mode Scanner
Sabotage the Detective Mode Scanner to explode and incapacitate wielder when it locks onto your Detective Mode signal.

Disruptor – Sabotage Detective Mode Jammer
Sabotage any Detective Mode jammer and instantly disable it and release a deafening signal that disrupts nearby militia.

Disruptor – Sabotage Sentry Gun Dispenser
Sabotage a sentry gun to make it explode, incapacitating any enemy using it.

Disruptor – Optic Disruption Armor
Disable the enemy’s Optic Disruption Armor to make them visible in Detective Mode again.

Disruptor – Sabotage Medic
Instantly incapacitate a Medic when they attempt to revive a downed enemy.

Disruptor – Sabotage Mine
Detonate enemy mines and instantly incapacitate any enemy near them.

Disruptor – Sabotage Stun Sticks
Sabotage a stun stick and incapacitate the wielder when they try to use it.

Disruptor – Sabotage Ammo
Overload two enemy weapons at once, or disrupt up to 4 enemy weapons in a single predator encounter.

Sabotage Boa Drone Controller
Sabotage the Boa Drone to incapacitate a controller when he tries to use the drone against you.

Remote Hacking Device – Drone Hacker MK II
Increase duration of the RHD’s jamming effect.

Discruptor – Sabotage Drone
Sabotage a drone’s weapon system to make it self-destruct whenever it attempts to fire at you.

Skill Gadget Upgrades

Twin Aimed Batarangs
Allows you to hit two targets simultaneously with Batarangs

Triple Aimed Batarangs
Allows you to hit three targets simultaneously with Batarangs.

Batarang Stun Duration
Increases stun duration of Batarang.

Remote Controlled Reverse Batarang
This Bataran loops back on itself to hit an enemy from behind, forcing them to search in the wrong direction after recovery.

Batarang Combat Damage
Increases power of Batarang during combat.

Batclaw – Disarm Firearm
Snatch an enemy’s weapon with a quickfire Batclaw using LT+Y/L2+Triangle

Gadgets While Gliding – Batarang
Throw a Batarang while in midair flight

Gadgets While Gliding – Four Gadgets
Use up to four different gadgets while gliding towards an enemy group.

Gadgets While Gliding – Batclaw
Fire the Batclaw while gliding towards an enemy.

Gadgets While Gliding – Explosive Gel
Shoot explosive gel while gliding, using LT+X/L2+Square

Gadgets While Gliding – Remote Electrical Charge
Fire a remote electrical charge while gliding using LT+B/L2+Circle

Gadgets While Gliding – Freeze Blast
Throw a Freeze Blast projectile while gliding using R2/RT

Gadgets While Gliding – Five Gadgets
Use up to five gadgets while gliding toward an enemy group.

Batmobile Pursuit Mode Upgrades

Super Eject Level 1
Eject further and faster

Super Eject Level 2
Eject from the Batmobile to incredible heights.

Afterburner Recharge Level 1
Increases afterburner recharge rate outside of powersliding.

Afterburner Recharge Level 2
Greatly increases afterburner recharge rate outside of powersliding.

Dodge Thruster Boost
Allows you to perform a double thrust by pressing X/A again after performing a dodge.

Ram Charge
Increases damage dealt to enemy vehicle from ramming.

Armor Level 1
Increases Batmobile armor by 25%

Armor Level 2
Increases Batmobile armor by 50%

Armor Level 3
Increases Batmobile armor by 75%

Armor Level 4
Increases Batmobile armor by 100%

Batmobile Battle Mode Upgrades

60mm Cannon – Reload Speed
Reduces recharge time between shots by 15%.

60mm Cannon – Reload Speed 2
Reduces recharge time between shots by 33%, allowing for more rapid fire.

60mm Cannon – Chassis Shot Damage
Increases damage to a drone by a direct shot to its chassis.

60mm Cannon – Turret Shot Damage
Increases damage to a drone by a direct shot to its turret.

Emergency Weapon Energy
Instantly charge weapon energy to level 2 when Batmobile armor goes critical level.

Energy Storage Protection
Prevent loss of weapon energy when the Batmobile takes a hit.

Vulcan Gun Energy
Increase accuracy of Vulcan Gun to allow for precision targeting for longer durations.

Energy Absorption Efficient
Increase amount of weapon energy gained per enemy destroyed for Secondary Weapon

60mm Cannon Cobra Lure
Shots from the 60mm cannon attract Cobra drones to the location of the blast.

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