Batman Arkham Knight Two-Faced Bandit Most Wanted Mission Guide

Two-Faced Bandit Most Wanted side mission becomes available after Poison Ivy enters Miagani Botanical Gardens.

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Batman Arkham Knight Two-Faced Bandit Most Wanted Mission

The mission basically revolves around Two-Face and his henchmen trying to rob the Bank of Gotham – Chinatown Branch, Drescher Branch, and Kingston Branch.

Each robbery is divided into 2 parts: during the first part, the blaring alarm allows you to be loud, however, during the second part; you must rely on Silent Takedowns to deal with the remaining enemies.

The upper-right corner of the HUD displays the number of thugs you have disabled while the bar on the upper-left corner shows the amount of money left in the vault.

Chinatown Branch
Although noise does not cause much of an issue, it is preferable to remain unseen. Start off by clearing a handful of enemies using a Fear Multi-Takedown and continue to eliminate the rest of the soldiers.

Once the thugs divert their attention to you, use the grappling points, vents, and offices to deal with 13 thugs and secure the bank.

Drescher Branch
The Drescher Branch is divided into 3 floors connected by elevators. After you arrive at the scene, use the Detective Mode to locate the enemies and pick them up one by one.

Do not forget to use the Fear Multi-Takedown as soon as you see a small group.

Later down the road, 7 more thugs will enter the bank, but considering extra floors and grappling points than the Chinatown Branch, you will have more opportunities to take them out with far more ease.

Kingston Branch
Similar to Drescher Branch, this branch is also divided into different floors which allows the henchmen to disperse all across the bank.

Similar to previous approaches, it does not matter whether you are loud or not, but being seen is a no-no. One of the best things about the Kingston Branch is chandelier release switches which allow you to use the Remote Hacking Device to make the chandelier fall to the floor.

After the alarm ceases blaring, Two-Face along with 3 soldiers, 2 Medics, and a couple of more thugs will enter the bank. It is recommended to deal with the soldiers carrying the Detective Mode Scanner and the Detective Mode Jammer before anything else.

Use all the gadgets at your disposal to apprehend Two-Face and drive him to GCPD headquarters for further investigation.

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