Batman: Arkham Knight Returns to PC and Steam, is it Finally Fixed?

Batman: Arkham Knight is back on Steam with all the released DLC available. Is it fixed? The Steam community have been sharing their view on the matter.

As promised by Warner Bros. Batman: Arkham Knight has been released once again onto Steam. Now with all the previously released DLC and updates, there are plenty of new fixes in there to improve performance.

Looking at the Steam community forums the reactions appear to be less than positive, but are things as bad as these users are making out? I’ve tested the game for about an hour and there is an improvement, though there are paging problems. This corresponds to the statement that has been made by Warner Bros. about Windows 10 users needing 12GB for optimum performance. My system has 8GB, so does experience some of the stuttering.

With all of the problems with Batman: Arkham Knight the fact is that gamers will want a product that works, and if performance does not hit what they expect they do have every right to complain. For those wondering about compensation for the whole mess of this release there was an announcement made through the forum here. This post reveals that people who purchase the game (or already own it) before November 16 you will get:

  • Free digital copies of games from the Batman: Arkham library.
  • The “Community Challenge Pack” DLC.
  • The Batman: Arkham inspired Team Fortress 2 items created by the Batman: Arkham community.

Whether this will placate though still finding issues with the game, we’ll have to wait and see. I for one am going to give the game more of a test, and see how it runs. With plenty of options, including the ability to set the FPS limits from within the game there is plenty to play with here, and the season pass content to go through. Including some experiments with the Photo Mode, as you can see below when I tried out the Harley Quinn DLC:


Have you tried the latest version of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC yet? Did you run into any issues? Let us know your experience with it below.


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