Batman Arkham Knight Lets you Change Difficulty Mid-Game

If you have played Batman Arkham Origins and Batman Arkham City, you would remember how the game hung on to the difficulty level you choose for your campaign at the start of the game.

It won’t let you change it until or unless you got tired of failing at something and decided to start over with a lower level of difficulty.

Now I don’t say that as if it is a bad thing to want to change you difficulty settings once you are a little in to the game in terms of progress. If you are a newcomer you might have misjudged how hard the game will be – even returning fans might make that mistake sometime.

Long story short, for some of the gamers it would be nice if Batman Arkham Knight offers the ability to change the difficulty settings mid-game. Luckily, that is what the game does!

Sefton Hill, the game director for Batman Arkham Knight and cofounder of the development studio Rocksteady Games was asked whether there was “any chance of lowering the difficulty without starting a new game,” to which his reply was a jolly good “yes,” and he added that you can “raise or lower when you want.”

So yeah, if you or any of your friends had difficulty finishing, say Batman Arkham City, they will now be able to make use of the newly added feature in the upcoming title!

In another tweet he also revealed that it took them five to six months to complete the first draft of the game’s story but over 2.5 years to tweak it to its final shape.

Batman Arkham Knight is slated for a release on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 23, 2015.

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