Batman Arkham Knight Easter Eggs Make a Case For Justice League Game

Batman Arkham Knight Easter Eggs make a case for what could be yet another exciting game set in DC Universe if only.

Batman Arkham Knight is arguably the largest game in the Arkham series, covering the entire Gotham and featuring an insanely huge amount of supervillains and other essential characters that make up the Batman comic series.

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Batman Arkham Knight Easter Eggs

Batman Arkham Knight doesn’t limit itself to just its own esoteric set of supervillains. In fact, it makes full use of its shared DC universe with other superheroes like Superman, Flash, and Green Arrow through clever Easter Eggs throughout the game.

Here are the Easter Eggs you’ll find in Arkham Knight:

Superman Easter Eggs

Batman: Arkham Knight is filled with plenty of Superman references that can be spotted or heard by a keen eye.

Man of Steel
Hovering around Gotham, you’re bound to hear plenty of chit-chat between thugs on the streets. Quite a few of them seem to know about a certain caped freak who can come flying in and spoil their party. Wonder who that is…


Wayne Tower Voicemail
Head to the Wayne Tower and listen to Bruce Wayne’s answering machine. You’ll have several messages from Lex Luthor himself, the arch enemy of Superman. Apparently, he wants to purchase the Applied Science division of Wayne Enterprise. Thankfully, Batman isn’t that interested.

LexCorp Billboards
Across Gotham you can spot a few LexCorp billboards. Yup, Lex Corp is the company owned by Lex Luthor, and it seems his influence is gradually expanding to other cities. Then again, after the Infinite Crisis LexCorp was actually acquired by Wayne Enterprises once Lex Luthor was stripped of his wealth.

The Blackgate Riots

Those who played Batman: Arkham Origins will know about the Blackgate Riots. The event is mentioned regularly by thugs, police, and others, reminding players of the Joker’s introduction to Gotham and his attacks on the two prison facilities.

DC Universe References

Green Arrow
In addition to a Queen Industries billboard, Catwoman will also mention stealing from the rich corporation, which is owned by billionaire Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow.

Bane’s Hometown
There are several billboards and ads that offer vacation packages to Santa Prisca, a fictional South American country and the birthplace of Batman’s notorious villain Bane. You’ll also hear quite a few militia members talking about the country as well.

Flash is Faster
Some thugs will talk about how Gotham beats Keystone because at least they can see Batman coming. The reference is to the super-speed hero Flash, who operates in Keystone City, a fictional city like Gotham.

The Ghost in Gray

In various areas in the game such as Oracle’s Clocktower and Panessa Studios, you’ll come across posters of the The Ghost in Gray.

It’s a reference to a Batman Animated Series episode “Beware the Gray Ghost” which has the Dark Knight solving a crime spree reminiscent of an old tv show, which has a hero Gray Ghost operating much like Batman.

GCPD Evidence Locker

If you’ve played the previous Arkham games, you’ll enjoy an Easter Egg filled time at the GCPD station. In the evidence locker there, you can see items and weapons of villains you’ve defeated in the previous Arkham games.

All the evidence items will have recordings of Aaron Cash. If you want some feels in a dark game such as this, check out Talia’s sword in the locker to cause a private moment of reflection by Batman.

What’s cool is that additional enemies that you apprehend through the main story missions and Most Wanted side missions will also have their tools accumulate in the evidence locker, so you can check back time and again to inspect new gadgets and Aaron Cash’s take on them.

GCPD Lockup

Initially there won’t be much to see in the GCPD lockup, but as you start to apprehend more thugs and supervillains in your campaign, the cells at the station will begin to fill up. This starts happening faster as you progress into the story and also when you complete the Most Wanted sidequests.

What’s your take on Rocksteady developing a Justice League game next? Is that a possibility? Would you play such a game?

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