Batman: Arkham Knight Arrives on PS4 and Xbox One Today with Free DLC

Batman: Arkham Knight's latest update has arrived for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, including new DLC content which looks to past games for inspiration.

If you are still playing Batman: Arkham Knight for PlayStation 4 and Xbox one, it looks like you’ll be getting the latest patch today. Update 1.13 will bring the game up to date with the changes that recently arrived to the PC.

The arrival of the patch was GearNuke and as expected, it brings the free DLC that PC owners have already received. This is the Crime Fighters Challenge Pack #6. The patch is around 1.2GB in size so may take a little while to download and promises to bring heavier rain to the game. Hopefully this won’t lead to any problems in the game’s performance.

The Challenge Pack will add two sets of maps to the game, Predator and Combat. Predator maps will feature Wayne Manor Main Hall, Batcave from Batman Arkham City and the Sanatorium and Medical Facility from Batman Arkham Asylum. Combat maps will include Iceberg Lounge, Monarch Theater and Crime Alley, all from Batman Arkham City.

With DLC releases for Batman Arkham City, normally skins are usually expected. This is also true with this update which will provide a skin by the name of Batman Incorporated.

It was an interesting move releasing the update for the PC first, especially with its controversial development and release history.  It looks like the update came to the PC without any major worries so hopefully it will arrive on the console versions without any problems.

Have you downloaded the update for Xbox One or PlayStation 4 for Batman: Arkham Knight yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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