Batman Arkham City Walkthrough

The events of Arkham Asylum lead to Quincy Sharp, former warden of the city, taking full credit for stopping the joker’s takeover of the asylum and uses his popularity to become the mayor of Gotham City. In this Batman Arkham City walkthrough, we will go over the complete main story of the game to help you finish missions.

After becoming the mayor of the city, he buys a large part of the city’s slums and converts them into an open air prison, deeming that Arkham and Blackgate Penitentiary is no longer suitable to contain the insane criminals. This open air prison gets the name ‘Arkham City’.

Quincy Sharp puts Hugo Strange in charge of the facility/prison, who is secretly manipulating Sharp. Strange gives free rein to criminals inside Arkham City as long as they don’t escape and is fully guarded by the Tyger Security personal, who are ex-military trained mercenaries.

Meanwhile, Batman gets concerned about the situation in Arkham City and Joker is unstable by consuming the Titan Formula – an unstable steriod serum which has potential to turn men into maddened monsters.

Batman decides to enter Arkham City when Two Face devises a plan to publicly execute Catwoman to gain the notoriety among the inmates. He is obviously into kitty, so he has to stop the execution and after saving her from execution, all hell breaks lose in Arkham City. Now, he has to face all the bad-ass villains that he put behind the bars during his years of struggle to protect Gotham City.

The sequel is really dark, considering how many villains you have to face and how many messed up scenarios you will come across. If you are looking for help completing any challenge or quest in Batman Arkham City, read this Walkthrough.

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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough

The Beginning
The beginning isn’t so smooth for Bruce Wayne (your Batman). The purpose is to familiarize you with the basics. Prison is always a rough place to be in so get ready for some fist fighting.

In Arkham City, although button mashing can help you sometime but if you don’t grasp the combat mechanics of the game, you aren’t really going to survive in the later stages. The best way to counter an enemy is when its head glows which means that he is going to attack.

Deal with the early prison folks and then there will be a meeting with Penguin. You will still be hand tied but since you are Batman, you will be able to take out enemies.

After your hands are free and you have taken care of Penguin’s men, head for the roof to get the Bat suite ported by Alfred. You will have to use a couple of ladders to get there. Once on the roof, you can enjoy the stunning map view of Arkham City and select your next job.

Rescue Catwomen
You have various gadgets along. Take out your Cryptographic Sequencer and check the orange dot. You will have the news that Riddler is keeping Bat’s Kitty. You need to save her to know what is going on in Arkham City.

Since you are in Batman suite now, you can glide and grapple. Glide down there in front of the courthouse. Silently take out the gun man. Balance yourself on the wire and then jump down into the fight.

It’s easy and fun. At least for now. I loved the sentence: “Twinkle Twinkle little Bat. Watch me kill your favorite cat.” Anyhow, time to move on.

Locate Joker
By checking the sniper shot, you can find out the hideout of Joker. Activate the detective mode to find the building from which the bullet was fired.

It’s the Church building. Head outside and then enter from south side door of the Church. Remember that AR training side missions will be useful for your gadget upgrade like fast travel through Arkham City. So don’t overlook them.

Four hooligans will try to inflict some damage but as long as you don’t target the hostages, they won’t be any trouble for you. Now move to the sniper’s place. Activate your detective mode to check the area.

What else did you expect? It’s a trap. You need to jump off the window quickly before the blast. You will be able to catch some signals from Joker’s hideout. You need to keep the bar away from red on signal meter and notice that the distance value is decreasing. It’s more or less like a GPS.

You can enter the location using the chimney (as suggested by Alfred) above.

Joker’s Lair
From the wire above the burning lava, head to the opening in front of you. To cool down the steam, you can use your batclaw to rip off the steam valve. Soon, you will reach a dead-end ahead.

There will be a weak spot which you can break open using the explosive gel. Shoot the switch using your Batarang on the wall. When you are moving through the lower level, there will be another steam section that will hinder your progress. Trace the pipes along the wall to find the controls. Use multiple Batarang shots to activate the switches in time.

Further ahead, there will another dead-end. You don’t have any other option here except to get out and fight with the enemies. When you move past the door ahead, there will be more thugs on the other side to entertain you.

There is a stealthy way here you can use. Turn on your detective mode, find the button to open the gate on one side of the conveyor belt. It will transfer you to the other side behind the guards which then can be picked up easily.

Next in the Smelter section, take out the first two silently. Then gain the elevation first and then pounce on those thugs from above to take them out. Free the doctor and start searching for the Joker again.

You will get a new gadget named Remote Electrical Charge. You can pull or push objects through it. Look for the exit sign to leave the area. Use your newly acquired REC to open the blocked ways.

Grapple towards the ledge above and then move through the vent. You can’t reach Harley yet unless you move that giant hook. You need to charge the electromagnet using Remote Electric Charge till the hook moves towards Harley’s position. You will have the grapple point if you pull the hook back.

Next is a boss fight with Mr. Hammer. His attacks are strong but he is sluggish. You can use Remote electric charge to stun him and then execute your attacks. Watch out for the dominions though as they can distract you in the middle of the encounter. After you are done with Mr. Hammer, it’s time meet Joker and Harley.

Find Mr. Freeze
You will always have something to help you out in tracking people or other objects. For tracking Mr. Freeze, you have the Climate analyzer. The temperature drop will let you know that you are on the right path.

There will be some of Joker’s men already trying to enter the police department. Your Remote Electric charge will be sufficient to enable your entry. Collect the broadcasting tool inside and then get ready for some under cover acts.

Yes, you are Batman with no fear but if you make too much noise, it will alert every one in there and then your survival chances are least as they guns along them. Moreover, their heart rates are being monitored by Penguin. So if you are engaged in a fight, it will alert the bad guys.

So you need a stealthy approach here. There are some elevate platforms you can use for silent executions. Last of those ruffians will tell you about Mr. Freeze’s location. You will then notice that you are trapped inside the department by Penguin.

Batman can hack. So you need to move to the security panel near the entrance. You can use the underground passage to get there. You can use the cryptographic Sequencer to hack the security panel so that you can enter the museum.

Infiltrate the Museum
Follow the marker to Penguin’s location. Deal with the guards and then use the cryptographic sequence to open the gates. Inside, you will encounter more enemies with knives.

After you dispose them off, you can enter the room on the left side to solve a simple puzzle where you need to press three buttons quickly using your Batarang.

Before you can do anything else in here, you need to disable Penguin’s jammers inside the city. The first one is easy and can be found on one of the rooftops of the museum. Shut it down and then move to the second one which is guarded (on other rooftop of museum) by some of Penguin’s men.

Next, move along the subway tunnels to find another jammer. After smashing the wall, you can charge the electromagnet to move the shutters enough to get yourself through. The final jammer is on the other side of the room.

There are some armed guards patrolling. Note their patrolling pattern and then take them out silently one after the other. Deactivate the jammer and head back to museum’s entrance where you will have to fight off more guards.

Inside the Museum
As you enter the museum, you will find that Penguin’s men has a hostage. You will be taught a new move to deal with that armored foe. The hostage whose live you just saved is officer Jones. He will ask you to find rest of his squad members.

Head down stairs and then move past the door to enter the Gladiator Pit. You will soon face plenty of screwed up guys rushing towards you. They aren’t the big problem but Penguin’s mutant Titan is. You can execute the stun attack (which you learned earlier) on him.

Control him to thin down the crowd. You will have to repeat the exercise multiple times to get rid of all the Penguin’s men. Seeing his men destroyed by you, Penguin will escape yet again.

You can hit the switch behind the fence using your Remote Controlled Batarang to open one of the two locked doors. Jump into the elevator behind the security panel and then charge the electromagnets to activate it. When you find yourself blocked, you can use explosive gel to reveal the passage.

Torture Chamber
Batman can glide but in this area, the icy surface and the sharks below require you to take every step carefully. Move to the captured man ahead and once you free him, you will come to know that there are more who need your help.

Keep it steady and slow, otherwise result will be no less than you sinking in the water. Time to find our friend (ironically), Mr. Freeze. Move through the opening to the left side under the statue. People mocking at you need some spanking. How do you do that? Remove the barrier through the control panel. One of them is armored so don’t take them for granted.

You will see Mr. Freeze in the war room ahead. You don’t need to do anything from here. Walk over to the breakable wall and smash it using the explosive gel. Oh boy, there is another hammer boy here to hammer you. Stick with the same strategy you used earlier against Mr. Hammer that is stun the devil first and then attack.

Now access the security panel in the room for some chit-chat with Freeze. You now, need to search for his suite override. Head back to torture chamber and free the two more stuck officers. You need to shoot the hanging platform above and then use the Batclaw and the installed metal rings in the area to propel it.

Next, head into the armory ahead. There are 6 more bad guys in there guarding three hostages. You need to be cautious as they have goggles that can see Batman even in dark. So you need to be more stealthy if you want to take them out swiftly. Free the hostages and you will get the Disruptor: Freeze Override.

Head to Iceberg Lounge now to face Penguin. But first, there is a dangerous shark you need to fight with. Afraid of sharks? Well, Batman isn’t. You can’t do anything about Penguin unless you get close.

You need to dodge his freeze ray attacks. Even if you manage to get near him, he will ask Solomon Grundy to finish you off which brings us to next
boss fight.

When a boss seems impossible to take down then there must be a weak spot you can target. Same is the case with Solomon Grundy. The electric supply seems to be a source of his immortality. If hints are on, you will be prompted the short keys to apply the explosive gel quickly at certain places.

He will attack you of course and you need to dodge the attacks. When he swings the string, you need to time your jump to avoid any damage. Once you have taken the power source out, he will crumble to floor and that will be your turn to attack.

Just when you think the fight is over, it starts again and this time it gets tougher as the receptors now has coverings that can open and close. You need to plant the gel and detonate it only when they get exposed.

For the third phase some of his minions will enter to distract you. It’s better that you deal with them first before you focus back on Solomon. Keep it steady and you will be able bring him down ultimately.

The Trail of Ra’s al Ghul
Activate the detective mode. You can trail the blood patches of the assassin. After the cutscene, you can trace her thanks to the installed chip. She will reach the industrial area and then enter the tunnels. While you are in tunnels, you can cross the gaps using the line launcher you just got previously.

After the second gap, you are still going to need the line launcher through the streets ahead till you reach a room full of enemies. You should head right above them and use the explosive gel which actually takes out most of them.

Eliminate rest of them and then move through the door to Wonder Tower Foundations. Batman is a life saver so that nurse Fiona needs your attention. Teach those hooligans about who the real daddy is and free the innocent.

Then move along your planned journey. Open the next few doors using REC. Soon you will be facing Ra’s al Ghul’s assassins. They are armed so you need to take them out cautiously. To open the door, you need to charge the electromagnet which is buried under some floorboards.

When you are inside Wander City, your first task will be to find rest of the Mechanical guardians to complete the footage. Turn on your detective mode to find them. Your quest won’t be straight forward as assassins will attack you in intervals.

After you have gathered all pieces of puzzle, you will see a guard accessing a secret panel behind the wall in the Wonder city. When you will check the panel, you will need a sword that can fit in the hole. An assassin will drop in to serve the purpose. She won’t hand it over to you so you will have to take her out before you can have the sword.

The Demon Trails
To stand up against the evil, you should be strong enough ti bear the hardships. You will enter the Demon’s chamber for different trials. When you enter the chamber, drink the liquid to restore your strength.

The spirit of Ra’s al Ghul will be guide you. And when he says that don’t touch anything, he isn’t kidding. You need to follow the blue trail to different icy platforms.

On the second platform, you will have to face a couple of assassins. Then follow the path to the next sections (Ra’s al Ghul will guide you in the most sarcastic manner) till you get to face the immortal Ra’s al Ghul in a boss fight

Initially, you will have to deal with the ninja’s of the demon world till they fuse with Ra’s. To do any damage to Ra’s in this form, you will have to execute quick Remote Electric Charge attacks at him through the openings.

The sequence will repeat but for the second time, the ninja demons will be more in number and they will revolve around Ra’s faster than before. For most, you either will have to counter or block the attacks.

Dodging Ra’s attacking blades will be a tough task but if you can estimate the onset, you can jump at right time to dodge it. When you get to the real world, use your Batarang to free the hostage taken.

After you have settled the score with Ra’s, head back through the subway area. There will be some more enemies along the way but considering the fact that you have managed to deal with the demons, they shouldn’t be a trouble for you.

Next wave of enemies will require aerial attacks. You need to follow the on-screen button sequence to get rid of them. After you are done fighting with them all, hack the security panel and head back to the cold section.

Return to Mr. Freeze
First you need to head to Quincy Sharp’s location. To deal with the enemies, there is an electromagnet nearby you can charge which render their weapons useless.

You need to go back Gotham City Police Department to give the blood sample to Freeze. Joker’s men will interrupt you path but if you shoot the propane tanks nearby, you can start the fight with a double kill.

When you meet with Freeze, you will get to know that there is a reason we call them villains. You need to defeat him now. The bad part about this fight is that you have to cycle through different moves in the book if you want to bring the icy dude down. You can check Batcomputer to find the moves that will go better against Freeze.

Dodge his icy ray attacks and hit him when you find an opening. You need to bring him down 5 times so you can expect a lengthy encounter. He can heat track you but you will also know that he is aware of your position making things slightly easier for you.

Keep on changing your position and shuffle your attacks till the victory is yours. You can use the Freeze Blast (on the valves) to open the morgue entrance.

Retrieving Cure From Joker
Joker will bring down the chopper of Vicky Vale who has reached Gotham to cover the story. You need to head to the crash site. You will notice that snipers are targeting the site.

Those red lasers beams will help you spot the snipers on two different buildings. After you have taken care of them, head back to the crash site and save the lady.

You saved the lady buy what about Joker? As you begin the tracking task, there will be more snipers that need your attention. Glide from building to building to take them out by surprise.

You can’t afford to get spotted because if you do, all Joker’s men will get alarmed. Joker is in the mill but you can’t use the normal way. You will have to find an alternate path.

Other entry is guarded by thugs. You can use the freeze blast to stun them first and then take them out. Inside too, you can use it to freeze water to get across. Like before, use the batclaw on metal rings to control your direction.

You can freeze the armored foe inside the room to take a breather. Keep on moving till you reach a big mechanical barrier. There is also a fuse box to the left side. You need to use your RC Batarang to activate it. You will have to make it pass the electric current and then return to the box.

Next, it’s time to enter the Death ride. Hack the panel to drop the bridge. After the doctor warns you about Joker’s plans, there are 7 or 8 joker’s men waiting for you in the next room. You can use any move or strategy but make sure that you are not spotted.

To take out the sniper targeting the office, you can use the conveyor belt (as the catwalk is bombed with mines). As you approach the sniper, you will come across Harley Quinn who will also assign you a side mission.

In the loading bay area, you can lure the ground enemies to the wooden panel which will interrupt snipers line of sight. You can then take care of the snipers.

Next up is the boss fight with Joker. At first you might think that Joker is no match for Batman but he is a villain of ultra notoriety, he will make things messy for you using his goons which include thugs, Mr. hammer and the Mutant Titan too.

You have dealt with these guys individually but now they are altogether making things difficult for you. Your priority can vary depending upon your fighting style. Just try to predict the coming attacks and then counter them.

When you finally manage to bring Joker down (yea that’s possible), a cut scene will play and your hunt will begin yet again.

Stop Protocol 10
Time for some chopper scanning. Turn on your detective mode and then examine the choppers one by one. Blue ones are those which have already been scanned. Orange are the ones which are yet to be scanned and yellow is the one that has the master controls.

Get the code from the chopper and head to the wonder tower. Take care of the two snipers first and then enter. Next, there will be a big platoon of mixed enemies. You should deal with the gunners first. Since the armored goons require a lot of beating, you can leave them for end. Watch out for those stun batons as you can’t leave them un attended for long.

Explore the rest of the rooms and hack the elevator. Move down into the collapsed streets. You will find a breakable segment on the floor to the east of the room.

You will find yourself at the place where Fiona has taken the refuge. There are some enemies too that need to be cleared including a couple of snipers and armed men.

Hack the elevator and when you reach the destination, hurriedly grapple the top and move out to save yourself from being shot. Deal with the bad company here and then hack the panel to open the door. Then drop onto the hanging position and try move in upwards direction along the tower.

After you have accessed the control panel, move through the vent on the right side. Next, you will find Hugo strange with a lot of other enemies. Deal with the regular enemies first and then turn your attention towards Hugo. To reach him, you will have to hack the door through the panel.

Stop Joker
Talia hinted you to follow the tracker when you last met Joker, Remember? Local theatre is the place where you will find Joker. The entrance is being guarded by Sniper lasers so you need to take them out first otherwise, you don’t have a chance.

The rule remains the same i.e if one finds you, all will be aware of your presence. When you enter the building, a boss fight with Clayface is what lies next. You need to use Freeze blasts against it.

Clayface has several attacks you need dodge. You can either counter them or dash away to be on the safe side. When you have tossed sufficient freeze blasts at him, he will freeze ultimately. You can take out his sword and use it against him.

This exercise of throwing freeze blasts will continue for two more sections. The only difference is Clayface will learn a couple of new attacks each time the cycle starts. They are still dodge-able but you need to keep your focus straight.

In the final part of the battle, Clayface will be joined by some of his clay minions. You need to deal with them till he comes out of his hiding and fire a couple of projectiles towards you. Your prime purpose remains the same that is shoot some freeze blasts at him till he is down and out.

We will update the walkthrough on release day, stay tuned.

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