Batman Arkham City Gadgets, Upgrades and Weapons Guide

Who is Batman without Gadgets and Upgrades ? Bruce Wayne. Who you want to play with ? Batman. If you want to play as a Batman, you should be familiar with all his signature weapons, gadgets and whatever upgrades in Batman Arkham City. OK, you have the weapons, gadgets, and upgrades – What’s next ? Learn how to use them effectively in combat. How ? read this guide.

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Batman Arkham City Gadgets, Weapons and Upgrades


Batsuit Armor Upgrades

Ballistic Armor v1

  • 25% protection against firearm damage.

Ballistic Armor v2

  • 50% protection against firearm damage.

Ballistic Armor v3

  • 75% protection against firearm damage.

Ballistic Armor v4

  • 100% protection against firearm damage.

Combat Armor v1

  • 25% protection against melee damage.

Combat Armor v2

  • 50% protection against firearm damage.

Combat Armor v3

  • 75% protection against melee damage.

Combat Armor v4

  • 100% protection against melee damage.

Batman’s signature weapon in Arkham City. You can use it to stun or hit out of range objects. You can unleash upto 3 Batarangs in rapid fire using Quickfire Batarang without losing your combo.

If you get discovered by an enemy, use it to stun him temporarily giving you enough time to escape. To use Batarang, press LT+RT to aim and throw Batarang. If you want to use Quickfire, tap LT.

Remote Control Batarang
What the name says, batarang that you can control after release. Effective to reach objects far away and difficult to hit. Direct it into electricity and it will keep electric charge. Now, use the electrically charged batarang to overload electric switches.

You can also increase its speed so that hits the enemy and send them flying for maximum damage. Release the Batarang, press RB to auto level, RT to increase speed, LT to brake, and LT+RT for U-turn.

Sonic Batarang
Deploy Sonic Batarang to disturb the heartbeat monitors of the enemies nearby. They will be distracted and will move to investigate. You can walk them into a trap or just get them out of place.

It requires a short recharge time before you can use it again. Remember, it will only affect enemies who are equipped with heartbeat sensors. You can use it by pressing LT+RT to aim and throw.

Sonic Shock Batarang
Upgrade your Sonic Batarang to Sonic Shock Batarang to create a deadly trap for your enemies. Sonic Shock Batarang on detonation release a high power electrical charge which will overlead the heartbeat monitors of the nearby enemies and kill them. You can use it by pressing LT+RB to aim/detonate.

REC (Remote Electrical Charge)
You can use it charge the downed generators and electromagnets. Additionally, you can use it against Armored enemies as a non-lethal electric shock. Press RT+LT to aim and fire REC. LT+RB to aim and fire Negative Electrical Charge and LT+B to quickfire an REC.

Smoke Pellet
Distract your enemies using the smoke bomb, and escape the vicinity. Or you can use it to take down multiple enemies by confusing them with Smoke Pellet. Press LT+RT to aim and throw Smoke Pellet. LT+RB to drop it, or Y to drop it when you are under fire.

You can interact with far away objects with Batman’s signature gadget ‘Batclaw’. You can use it in combat also. Fire Batclaw at an enemy and follow-up immediately with a Strike attack to perform the Batclaw Slam.

This increase the damage of a normal strike but is difficult to pull off and is slow. On top of that may leave you vulnerable to attacks by other enemies. Press LT+RT to aim and fire the Batclaw. LT+Y to quickfire and LT+Y followed by X to perform the slam.

Explosive Gel
You can use explosive gel to destroy the weak walls or to knock down enemies. You can place the charge at any place and then zoom in to detonate it. You can place up to 3 at one time. To use it, press LT+RT to place the explosive gel, LT+RB to detonate it, and LT+X to quickfire it.

Cryptographic Sequencer
Using cryptographic sequencer you can get access to security consoles and secret locked areas. You will need an encryption key which you will have to find – search enemies guarding the place or nearby guards.

Cryptographic Sequencer allows you to listen to secure radio broadcasts which can then be stored, tracked and played back by the Batcomputer. You can use Cryptographic Sequencer by pressing LT+RT.

Cryptographic Range Amplifier
Range upgrade increases the effective rage of the Sequencer. This allows you to overdrive out-of-reach security consoles and open areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Cryptographic Power Amplifier
Power upgrade increases the power of the Sequencer, which allows you to decipher security systems easily.

It’s part of your navigation equipment. Look at any ledge and fire grapnel to move there instantly. You can even use it while running and gliding as it will always target the nearest grapple point. You can use it by tapping RB to grapple and climb. If you want to grapple and hang, hold RB. Press B when you want to cancel.

Environment Analysis
This will help you solve many of the Riddler riddles and scan for Riddler Trophies. It also saves their location on a map, so you can collect them later. You can use it by holding LB.

Reverse Batarang

This unique Batarang loops right back on itself and strikes an enemy from behind. This stupefies them, making them look for you in the wrong direction. It can be used by pressing LT and holding RB.

Disruptor: Firearm Jammer

This gadget remotely jams the enemy’s weapons, and they don’t even know it until they try to fire the weapon. It can also be used to jam the machine guns of the TYGER helicopters. In Detective mode, these jammed targets can be seen as blue. Do note that this Disruptor goes into a cooldown after every two uses.

You can use it be pressing LT and holding RT.

Disruptor: Line Launcher

The Line Launcher allows you to move horizontally, across an area, with a very high speed. You can also change direction while riding it, so you don’t even have to drop to the ground.

This can even be used to take down enemies. Move above the target and as you approach the drop down, press the Takedown buttons. However, this weapon will notify enemies close by.

You can use it by pressing LT and RT together and aiming where you want to go. To takedown, press Y.

Line Launcher Tightrope

This is an upgrade to the Line Launcher which allows you to turn the zipline into a tightrope, by flipping up on top of it. You can Glide Kick or Drop Attack an enemy while on the tightrope.

You can use it by pressing RB while on the zipline.

Disruptor: Mine Detonator

This can be used to trigger proximity mines, already placed in the area. The explosion from the mines knocks out the enemies. It goes into a cooldown period after every two uses.

You can also choose to remove the mines in the area; this will reveal Riddler Trophies or even some hidden areas.

You can use it by pressing LT and holding RT.

Freeze Blast

This gadget is used to shoot a projectile which freezes the target for some time, on impact. It can also be used to freeze water, to make a platform for Batman to walk on.

You can use it by pressing LT and RT to aim where you want the projectile to go. For a quickfire Freeze Blast, press RT two times.

Freeze Proximity Mine

On approach, this gadget automatically triggers and freezes an enemy. It is also upgrade compatible with Freeze Cluster gadgets and Freeze Blasts.

You can use it by pressing LT and RB to aim.

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