Batman Arkham City Easter Eggs, Cheats, and Secrets

Batman Arkham City is an intense action adventure full of surprises and secrets. Make sure you find these Easter Eggs before you decide to move on. Also, once you have finished the storyline, you may want to give it another try perhaps on a more challenging mode.

Yes, there is one but you will need to unlock it first. Find all the details below!

Batman Arkham City Easter Eggs

All the Easter Eggs and Secrets you can find in Batman Arkham City.

#1:Secret Radio Messages
You can use your Cryptographic Sequencer in Batman Arkham City to search the radio waves for secret broadcasts that give off random numbers followed by a chime.

Decode these numbers with a simple cipher by matching them up to letters in the alphabet. (A=1, B=2, C=3)

Radio Station 500.00/900.00
5 15 9 7 21 18 18 14 3 5 24 15 12 7 22 3 10 5 15 9 22 3 8 25 26 15 16 25 10 15 17 25 *chime* repeats. Decoded as: “You will pay for what you have done to me”


Radio Station 700.00/500.00
9 23 9 12 12 18 5 20 21 18 14 2 1 20 13 1 14 *chime* Decoded as: “I will return, batman”

Radio Station 200.00/500.00
3 20 26 18 26 16 24 1 11 4 24 9 3 8 5 2 12 18 6 16 7 11 3 10 17 5 13 4 21 8 *chime* Decoded as: ’Fear will tear Gotham to shreds.’’

#2: Joker Sings ‘Only You’

A missed call from Joker plays, once the game has been completed. In this call, he will be singing The Platter’s song, ‘Only You’.

#3: Harley Quinn Sings ‘Hush Little Baby’

Harley Quinn can be heard singing an eerie rendition of the famous lullaby ‘Hush Little Baby’, once the game has been completed on New Game Plus 

#4: Joker’s Child

Travel to Joker’s Steel Mill and go inside the Manager’s Office. Here, right next to Harley Quinn’s costume, you will find a pregnancy test. This test shows positive; meaning that Harley Quinn might be pregnant with Joker’s child. Many other tests can be found but they all are either negative or ‘false positive’. 

#5: Lightsaber

What seems to be a Lightsaber will be found inside the circuit box which is used by Deadshot as his weapon storage. However, it isn’t a Lightsaber, it is just a low-res sniper scope. 

#6: Ra’s Al Ghul Does Not Die

We know that Ra’s Al Ghul falls off of the Wonder Tower, and his sword pierces through his chest, killing him. However, once the game is completed, his dead body disappears, but the sword can still be seen.

#7: Catwoman’s Alternate Ending

If you choose to escape Arkham City, with your loot, in the Catwoman DLC Episode 3,  Catwoman’s alternate ending will play. In this ending, you find out that Batman and Commissionar Gordon are dead, through a distress signal from Oracle, the Wayne Manor has been destroyed, and the Joker has escaped from the megaprison and is going on a rampage. Don’t worry though, the game recalls after this, enabling you to make the right choice.

#8: Killer Croc

Killer Croc can be found in the game, but only once. Subsequent to your first fight with Ra’s Al Ghul, do not follow your objective. Instead, travel to the easternmost section of the Subway Maintenance Entrance. Here, hit the button on the opposite side of a tiny hole in the bars, using a Remote Control Batarang. After you hit this button, Killer Croc will burst through the wall and try to intimidate Batman. But he will not fight; he just goes back to the murk after he’s done with the threatening. 

#9: Lost

Mark Hamill – the voice of joker, is a big fan of Lost, ABC’s show. Also, the head writer of the Arkham game series, Paul Dini, guest wrote for the show. Hence, there are quite a few references to the show in Arkham City. Joker, or Clayface rather, during a quick speech near the end of the game, references the final episode of Lost, ‘The End’. Furthermore, in Arkham City, the thugs can sometimes be heard saying, ‘‘I forget, do they ever explain what the island was?’’

#10: Joker… or Clayface?

If you use Detective Vision while fighting the ‘healed’ Joker, right before Protocol 10. You will see that Joker does not have a skeleton; meaning that you are actually fighting Clayface. 

#11: Crazy Quilt

While you are trying to find the League of Assassin’s location, you can hear a very special conversation of some inmates. They will be trying to figure out who actually defeated Two-Face. One of these inmates says they saw Crazy Quilt close to the Solomon Wayne Courthouse. He is a villain in the comics, used for comedic relief.

#12: Scarecrow Fear Gas

Canisters of Scarecrow’s Fear gas can be found in the third hostage room of the Riddler. These tanks look very similar to the canisters seen in Arkham West, during the Riddler Challenge. These canisters can also be seen in Hush’s hideout.

#13: The Villains

When you, as Bruce Wayne, are going into Arkham City, you can see a lot of familiar faces. The first being Black Mask, who can be seen by looking to the west of the entrance. The next is Deadshot, who blocks your path once you enter Line A. Then, you can see Azrael on a rooftop while the inmates are in a state of hysteria. The last face you might recognize is Hush; he will be seen to the left of the Church, on a stretcher. He will hav his face covered with bandages.

#14: Scarecrow Thugs

You can see some thugs on rooftops, during Protocol 10, which seem to be Scarecrow’s goons; as they have a strange outfit on. This outfits consists of a Scarecrow Mask, a black Scarecrow face painted on the back, and a color scheme which is very similar to what Scarecrow wears.

#15: Joker’s Secret Message

When the game recalls during the Catwoman DLC, Episode 3, you can hear a very faint voice. If you reverse this audio, you can hear a secret message from Joker saying, ‘’Thank you for the entertainment, Bats’’. 

#16: The Duality Of Man

When Two-Face’s henchmen search for his safe behind a painting titled “Cain and Abel: The Duality of Man”, during the first episode of the Catwoman DLC. In this painting, Cain can be seen carrying his brother, Abel’s dead body through a desolate wasteland. This painting directly hints at the ending of the game, where Batman carries Joker’s body. 

#17: The Stacked Deck

Stacked Deck is a reference to Batman: The Animated Series. It will be seen written on a sign.

#18: Commissioner Gordon

Commissioner Gordon’s voice can be heard in a radio broadcast, while you are hacking the TYGER radio, in the Cryptographic Sequencer.

#19: Arnold Wesker

A cop can be heard saying Arnold Wesker, the Ventriloquist’s name in the Cryptographic Sequencer. The cop says he is kidnapping someone.

#20: Leslie Thompkins

Dr. Leslie Thompkins worked with Thomas Wayne and was a friend of Batman. You can find a sign for Dr. Leslie Thompkins’ Medical Clinic on a flooded building, in the Amusement Mile. 

#21: Prometheus Dossier

Similar to Batman, Prometheus’ parents were killed. However, they were criminals. This turned him into a somewhat opposite version of Batman. You can find newspaper clippings all around Arkham City, which say ‘’Boy Watches Parents Die” or “Criminal Couple Gunned Down”. These are all references to Prometheus. Furthermore, a dossier can be found on the wall of Mr. Freeze’s GCPD Lab. This dossier is a very old Medical Test for Prometheus. He cleared the tests on 12th November, 1982.

#22: Rocksteady Developers Arrested

In the aforementioned GCPD building, you can find a flyer naming the following people: David Tyndale, Jigar Patel, Joshua Dahdrai, David Higgins, Johnny Armstrong, and Noel Chamberlain, as criminals arrested recently. All of these people are actually Rocksteady developers, and the makers of Arkham City and Asylum.

#23: The Ice Trail

You can see an ice trail on the water, flowing from the GCPD, subsequent to telling Mr. Freeze his wife’s location. This means that he made an ice path to his wife, in the warehouse, using his freeze gun.

#24: Next Arkham

Once you finish the game, in the hallway to the east of the Torture Room of the Museum, a unique conversation can be heard between some thugs. A thug questions what is next, Arkham County, Arkham Country, or even Arkham World. However, he is quickly shut down by the other thug.

#25: Black Canary

You can find a neon green sign for Black Canary in multiple locations in Arkham City.

#26: Where It Began

The chalk outlines of Thomas and Martha Wayne’s dead bodies can be seen behind the Monarch Theatre, in Park Row. Here, you can pay your respects and find a tape recorded by Hugo Strange, for Batman, saying, “It will end where it began.”

#27: DC Universe

When you go to the elevator to capture Hugo Strange, for the second time, Strange and Talia al Ghul will be heard uttering the names of Keystone and Metropolis. Keystone is the city of the Flash, while Metropolis is the city of Superman.

#28: Cadmus Labs

There was a scientific research center in Metropolis known as ‘’Cadmus”. You can find a poster naming Cadmus Labs, in Harley Quinn’s Revenge. 

#29: Blueprints

There is a blueprint in Arkham City which seems to be ubiquitious. It can be found in the first Catwoman mission, on a side table, next to a map. Then, in the Museum’s War Room. Then, in the GCPD, adjacent to the Joker magazine. Then, you can find it on the Warden’s desk, in a hidden room in Arkham Asylum. This secret room is the one with Arkham City’s map. And finally, the map can also be found in the elevator shaft, in Scarecrow’s lair, inside Intensive Treatment.

#30: Hugo Strange’s Secret Room

Go back to the room in Arkham City Processing Center, where you started out, there will be a locked room there. There is no way to open this room, however, you can destroy the mirror next to the door. Inside the secret room, you will see a Riddler Trophy. If you’re on the Xbox 360 version of the game, you will see a Political Prisoner instead.

#31: Scarecrow’s Secret Room

There is a room on a boat, close to Funland. Scarecrow used this room to experiment with his fear gas. You can enter the room using a sequencer. Inside this room, you will see a thug tied to a chair.

#32: A Death Foretold

When Batman has Joker’s bombs, in the Church steeple, wait till the timer hits zero. If you do this Joker will say to Batman: “You’re going to come and find me, you can’t stop yourself can you? Sometimes I wonder if all this is just one of us looking down at the other’s corpse, trying to work out what to do next. The only question is; whose body will it be? I know who I’m rooting for!”. This might be foreshadowing a death.

#33: Paul Dini

Vicki Vale names Dini Towers right before Batman takes down the two snipers. This is a reference to Paul Dini.

#34: The White Knight

The day in the courtroom, where Two-Face was known as the White Knight, when he was a DA agent is talked about in the interview tapes with Two-Face.

#35: Bludhaven

Some thugs can be heard saying that they will move from Gotham to Bludhaven. Bludhaven is Nightwing’s new residence.

#36: Toyman

Toyman, Winslow Schott, is a foe of Superman; his niche is using toy-based tools to commit crimes. A thug can be heard saying that he will sell the utility belt of Batman to Toyman – in Harley Quinn’s Revenge.

#37: Abramovici Twins

You can find the Abramovici twins in the Steel Mill, after you complete the game. They seem to have made amends. 

#38: Message Of Azrael

Azrael’s message can be seen outside the Church, in a circle. It says: “Well thank you …ie to tell you the truth it’s a sacrifice. I was close to giving up many times and nearly broke up with Amanda over it as well. I …ate that in each. I would take … as holiday when our production and activity levels would be high.”

#39: Ferris Boyle

You can find a sign in the Steel Mill, which names Boyle Cryogenics. This is a reference to Ferris Boyle. Also, Ferris Boyle is name-dropped in the interview tape with Hugo Strange, by Mr. Freeze.

#40: X-Ray Glasses & The Laughing Fish

A fish, which looks like the fish from “The Laughing Fish”, an episode from Batman: The Animated Series, and Joker’s X-ray glasses from Batman: Arkham Asylum can be found in a box of tricks.

#41: Lucius Fox

Right before you go to do the “Tea Party” mission, Lucius Fox is name-dropped.

#42: Holly Robinson

In the interview tapes of Catwoman, Holly Robinson’s name is said.

#43: The Long Halloween

Catwoman mentions the Long Halloween while having a conversation with Calendar Man.

#44: Jezebel Jet

Jezebel Jet once had a romantic relationship with Bruce Wayne, and one of the Black Glove’s agents. The Jezebel Center is a direct reference to her.

#45: Happy Birthday. Mr. Cobblepot

You can find signs in the VIP room – Iceberg Lounge, which say “Happy Birthday” and “Congratulations. This might mean that it was Penguin’s birthday, with Killer Croc being sent the only invitation. 

#46: No Man’s Land

You can see a sign in the Catwoman trailer for Arkham City, which reads “No Man’s Land”. However, this sign is not in the actual game.

#47: Sarah Gordon

The undercover cops, who work with Commissioner Gordon, use the word “Sarah” as their secret code for identification This is a direct reference to Gordon’s second wife, Sarah Essen Gordon.

#48: White Warren

In the Amusement Mile, you can find a sign on a building, which says “W WHITE”. This is a reference to the Great White Shark, Warren White. During the Demon Trials, another sign like this can be seen.

#49: Royal Flush Gang

In Wonder Tower Foundations, there is a shop called “Royal Flush Tobacce”, which is a direct reference to the Royal Flush Gang.

#50: Rocksteady Studios

In Wonder Tower Foundations, there are several stores which reference Rocksteady Studios.

#51: Gentleman Ghost

In Wonder Tower Foundations, you can find a store called “Gentlemen’s Hats & Accessories”. This store has a picture of Gentlemen Ghost.

#52: Batman Begins

A train can be seen dropping from the rails, during the Demon Trials. This is a direct reference to the final scene in Batman Begins.

#53: The Terror

Outside of the Monarch Theatre, a sign can be found, for a movie called “The Terror”. This sign names the following people: Basil Karlo, Victoria Setian, Ernest Zamora, Matthew Mizutani, and Shawn Kittelsen. Aside from Basil Karlo, all of these people are from Warner Bros. and DC Comics.

#54: Cupcakes & Wines

Two cupcakes and several bottles of wines can be seen in the Collapsed Streets, behind a fence. You can use a Remote control Batarang to see them.

#55: More Catwoman Dialogue

Some extra Catwoman dialogue can be heard and some unseen cutscenes will play if you interact with the following villains as Catwoman: Bane, Poison Ivy, Calendar Man, Mr. Zsasz, Mad Hatter.

#56: Calendar Man’s Message

If you change the date of your device to 13th December 2004 and go to Calendar Man, some unique dialogue will play. Rocksteady Studios was founded on that day. 

#57: Wonder City Guardians

If you go to the Wonder City, during Protocol 10, the mechanical guardians will be found in the middle of the streets, stacked on top of each other. However, the guardians disappear once you go back to these streets after Protocol 10.

#58: Batman Returns

During the side-mission ‘Hot and Cold’, if you go to the Boiler Room in the Steel Mill, then head towards the place which hosts the upgrade gadget. A large yellow duck will be found in the corner of the room. This duck is a reference to Batman Begins, where the Penguin uses a similar duck for travel.

If you go to Solomon Wayne’s Courthouse’s front door – in Park Row, then turn around and look to your east, you will find a billboard. Go up the billboard and then look down to see a giant Cheshire Cat’s head. This is also a reference to Batman Begins, where the head was on top of Max Shreck’s department store.

#59: The Dark Knight

Two-Faces shoots Batman right in the chest, in the courthouse. This is a reference to The Dark Knight, which has a scene where the same thing happens.

#60: The Broker

Subsequent to finishing the last Riddler room, Oracle calls Batman and name-drops the Broker.

#61: Number One Guy

Two-Face, while talking to his goons, says that whoever kills Catwoman will become his Number One Guy – during a Catwoman mission. This same statement was said by Carl Grissom to Jack Napier, and also by Joker to Bob the Goon, in the 1989 Batman film.

#62: Gotham City Model

A Gotham City model can be found in the Wayne Manor, inside a glass casing.

#63: Jason Todd

If the Joker’s Funhouse challenge map is entered as Robin, Joker will say to him “Didn’t I kill you already?”. Also, in the Batcave, you can find four tires lying close to the Batmobile. This is a reference to when Jason was caught trying to steal the wheels of the Batmobile, by Batman.


Batman Arkham City Cheats

Achievements and cheats in Batman Arkham City.

Pay Your Respects
You know that Batman came about because his (Bruce Wayne’s) parents were murdered in Crime Alley. Go to this area and allow Batman to pay his respects to earn this achievement.

New Game Plus

Finish Batman Arkham City on Normal or Hard mode to unlock New Game Plus. You will play with all your unlocked upgrades, gadgets, and weapons but the story mode will be more challenging.

What’s changed ? There wouldn’t be any counter icons on thugs. Different levels of thugs and they will get tougher as the game progresses. Finally, boss fights will be more challenging.

If you have found any easter egg, cheat, or secret in Batman Arkham City, share with us in comments. For more help, read our Riddler Guide.

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