Bastion Weapons and Upgrades Guide

If you are to survive the surprises of the imaginative world of Bastion, you would need some fireworks. What best to what you have at disposal. There is a long list of weapons that you can use in Bastion, each coming with five-tier upgrades so to get the best out of your weapon of choice, you would need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon. This is where our Bastion Weapons and Upgrades guide comes in, detailing each weapon with all its upgrades.

Note. Get these Weapons Upgrade Materials to upgrade these weapons in Bastion.

Bastion Weapons and Upgrades

Following are all the weapons that you can find in Bastion along with their upgrades.

Cael Hammer
It is a well-balanced weapon that can be used for melee attacks; stationery attacks are more powerful. You can upgrade the weapon in five stages.

First upgrades (250 Fragments)

  • Battle Head: it gives 10% Critical Hit Chance.
  • Sledge Head: Adds 50% more damage to the weapon.

Second Upgrades (500 Fragments)

  • Reverse Grip: The uppercut attacks will cause knock back without moving to uppercut.
  • Extended Grip: It is a focus attack,press the button to focus and attack.

Third Upgrades (750 Fragments)

  • Craftsmen Shaft: gives 100% chance for a Critical hit damage.
  • Alloy Shaft: it adds 50% damage which affects stacks with Sledge Head.

Fourth Upgrade (1250 Fragments)

  • Bell Face: You can stun by Overhead strikes without moving for an Overhead strike.
  • Checkered Face: Attacks will ignore armor.

Fifth Upgrades (1500 Fragments)

  • Ura Engravings: gives 20% chance of a Critical Hit.
  • Cael Engravings: 75% more damage.

Fang Repeater
It is a rapid fire weapon that reloads automatically but you can’t move while firing.

First Upgrades (150 Fragments)

  • Speed Clip: provides 55% faster reload.
  • Double Clip: increases the ammo capacity by 8%.

Second Upgrades (300 Fragments)

  • Flurry Bolts: It provides improved firing rate with wider spread attack.
  • Heavy Bolts: Gives 50% more damage.

Third Upgrades(450 Fragments)

  • Grooved Chamber: Provides 55% faster reload.
  • Hollowed Chamber: Adds up +8 ammo capacity.

Fourth Upgrades ( 900 Fragments)

  • Multi Piston: It improves the firing rate and widens the attack spread.
  • Reinforced Piston: Gives 50% more damage.

Fifth Upgrades (1400 Fragments)

  • Tracking Critters: these bolts will seek out foes.
  • Bounding Critters: these bolts with Ricochet on contact.

Breaker’s Bow
It’s a ranged weapon which is versatile in providing powerful attack and the attack is increased when the bowstring is drawn.

First Upgrades (175 Fragments)

  • Power String: It will give +2 penetration of shots.
  • Speed String: It increases the draw speed by 25%.

Second Upgrades (375 Fragments)

  • Scumbag Arrowheads: These arrows cause damage over time.
  • Stabweed Arrowheads: increases damage by 50%.

Third Upgrades (675 Fragments)

  • Reinforced Bow Limbs: Provides +2 penetration of shots.
  • Supple Bow Limbs: adds 25% draw speed.

Fourth Upgrades ( 975 Fragments)

  • Ura Fletching: These arrows will cause damage over time.
  • Cael Fletching: adds 50% more damage.

Fifth Upgrades (1325 Fragments)

  • Hybrid Pulley System: These arrows can stun enemies.
  • Dual Pulley System: It can cause the knockback.

War Machete
It’s fast for melee attacks. Throwing attack should compensate for its short melee range.

First Upgrades (150 Fragments)

  • Serrated Edge: The attack can cripple foes.
  • Keen Edge: Chance of a critical hit is increased by 20%.

Secondary Upgrades (325 Fragments)

  • Launch Handle: adds +1 blades per throw.
  • Combact Handle: the damage by critical hit is 100%.

Third Upgrades (625 Fragments)

  • Scumbag Tip: The attack can cripple enemies.
  • Alloy Tip: It can increase the chance by a critical hit upto 20%.

Fourth Upgrades (1225 Fragments)

  • Split Spine: It increase +1 blade per throw.
  • Reinforced Spine: It give 100% damage by a critical hit.

Fifth Upgrades (1625 Fragments)

  • Ura Bolster: The damage from power shot throws is increased by 50%.
  • Graver Bolster: increased 50% attack speed.

Scrap Musket
It’s a ranged weapon with a wide angle. The knockback effect will compensate for limited range.

First Upgrades (200 Fragments)

  • Smoothebore Barrel: It will add 35% Spread but will reduce the range by 15%.
  • Rifled Barrel: It increased the range by 50% as well as reduces the spread by 50%.

Second Upgrades (400 Fragments)

  • Impact Shells: The shots fired will have greater knockback.
  • Heavy Shells: Adds 15% more damage.

Third Upgrades (800 Fragments)

  • assault Shock: improves reload by 33%.
  • Tactical Shock: It reduces the penalty to the long-range damage.

Fourth Upgrades (1750 Fragments)

  • Expanded Chamber: The shots cause more knockback.
  • Reinforced Chamber: Improved damage by 15%.

Fifth Upgrades (2350 Fragments)

  • Ura Flintlock: the shots can cripple enemies.
  • Cael Flintlock: it can fire two shots at once.

Dueling Pistols
They are duel ranged weapons whose fire rate depends upon the user’s own speed.

First Upgrades (325 Fragments)

  • Sealed Cylinders: they eliminate the scattering of bullets.
  • Expanded Cylinders: increases the ammo capacity by 4%.

Second Upgrades (650 Fragments)

  • High Caliber Chambers: adds 25% more damage.
  • Speedloader Chambers: it provides 25% faster reload.

Third Upgrades: (1275 Fragments)

  • Cauldron Powder: it adds +1 target penetrations per shot.
  • Wild Powder: Bullets will ricochet on contact with enemies.

Fourth Upgrades: (1575 Fragments)

  • Hunting Barrels: it adds 25% more damage.
  • Tranquilizer Barrels: the bullets will cripple enemies upon impact.

Fifth Upgrades (1950 Fragments)

  • Armor Eater Rounds: These bullets can ignore the armor.
  • Hollow Jacket Rounds: they can cause knock back.

Brusher’s Pike
It is a thrusting melee weapon that has powerful medium range and can also be thrown.

First Upgrades (200 Fragments)

  • Hollowed Shaft:Adds 50% faster throw reload.
  • Reinforced Shaft:It adds 15% chance of critical hit.

Second Upgrades (475 Fragments)

  • Battle Grip: The thrust attack can cause knock back.
  • Hunting Grip: Increases the damage by critical hit to 50%.

Third Upgrades (825 Fragments)

  • Ura Bindings: the throw attacks can stun foes.
  • Brusher Bindings: It makes the thrust attacks faster by 20%.

Fourth Upgrades (1650 Fragments)

  • Light Counterweight: increases the faster throw reload by 50%.
  • Heavy Counterweight: increases the damage by 50%.

Fifth Upgrades (2075 Fragments)

Army Carbine
The Army Carbine is a high-power ranged weapon that can deliver some serious damage with variable accuracy but has a heavy recoil.

First Upgrades (200 Fragments)

  • Speed Tuning: It provides 30% speed while aiming.
  • Power Tuning: The bullets can cause knock back.

Second Upgrades (400 Fragments)

  • Marksman Barrel: It also adds 50% speed while aiming.
  • Cavalry Barrel: It gives 35% more damage.

Third Upgrades (800 Fragments)

  • Reinforced Chamber:Gives you 10% more chance of a critical hit.
  • Insulated Chamber: Provides 35% faster reload speed.

Fourth Upgrades (1600 Fragments)

  • Combat Scope: Adds 35% more damage.
  • Reflex Scope:The aiming speed is increased by 50%.

Fifth Upgrades (2400 Fragments)

  • Razor Rounds: Bullets can penetrate armor.
  • Boomer Rounds: The bullets will cause area damage.

Fire Bellows
This weapon resembles a flame thrower which spews a continuous stream of fire causing damage to anything that is in range.

First Upgrades (150 Fragments)

  • Volatile Fuel: The flames will spread wider.
  • Sustainable Fuel: Fuel is regenerated 20% faster.

Second Upgrades (325 Fragments)

  • Napalm Reservoir: These flames will cause a lasting burn.
  • Thermite Reservoir: adds +1 damage per flame.

Third Upgrades (725 Fragments)

  1. Cooling Intake: Fuel is regenerated 20% faster.
  2. Modified Intake: The enemies can be crippled by these flames.

Fourth Upgrades (1350 Fragments)

  • Contoured Grip: Attack speed is increased by 20%.
  • Shielded Grip: It gives damage resistance while firing.

Fifth Upgrades (1675 Fragments)

  • Streamlined Furnace: Gives more maneuverability while attacking.
  • Industrial Furnace: The range of attack is greatly increased.

Galleon Mortar
The Galleon Mortar acts like a Bombardment weapon which drops explosive bombs and wide area of effect. The range of the weapon is also variable.

First Upgrades (225 Fragments)

  • Burstone Bombs: gives a +25% damage radius.
  • Rapid Bombs: weapons reloads faster by 25%.

Second Upgrades (450 Fragments)

  • Target System:Your aiming speed increases by 50%.
  • Blast System: The chance of a critical hit is increased by 15%.

Third Upgrades (1075 Fragments)

  • Shrapnel Charges: gives a +25% damage radius.
  • High-Explosive Charges: provides additional damage of 30%.

Fourth Upgrades (1850 Fragments)

  • Reactive Tubing: The power shot damage is increased by 100%.
  • Dampened Tubing: Your critical hit chance is increased by 15%.

Fifth Upgrades (2225 Fragments)

  • Inferno Propellant: These bombs create damage fields.
  • Stonewall Propellant: It will give immunity to bomb damage.

Calamity Cannon
It is a ranged weapon whose blasts can cause area damage. Calamity Cannon is too unwieldy to lock onto targets.

First Upgrades (500 Fragments)

  • Supercharged Emitter: The rockets can cause knock back.
  • Stabilized Emitter: This upgrade will let your rockets not able to launch automatically.

Second Upgrades (1000 Fragments)

  • Turbo Generator: your charge up speed is increased by 25%.
  • Blast Generator: additional blast radius of 20% can be attained.

Third Upgrades (1500 Fragments)

  • Speed Configuration: your reload speed increases by 30%.
  • Power Configuration: Damage increases by 10%.

Fourth Upgrades (2000 Fragments)

  • Efficient Fuel Cell: your charge up speed is increased by 25%.
  • Incendiary Fuel Cell: additional blast radius of 20% can be attained.

Fifth Upgrades (3000 Fragments)

  • Tracking Processor: Rockets will follow your enemies.
  • Combustion Processor: Rockets can create damage fields.

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