Banner Saga 3 Switch Version Will Be Coming, First Two Games Coming Soon

With The Banner Saga 3 slated to come out this year, developer Stoic Studios has announced that we’ll be getting a Banner Saga 3 Switch version when the game comes out, bringing yet another trio of highly anticipated third-party title to Nintendo’s console. The Banner Saga 3 is supposed to come out this summer.

The Banner Saga games are the product of a team of ex-Bioware employees who set out to make a mixture of an Oregon Trail game and a turn-based tactical RPG. Taking place in a land inspired by Viking mythology, the Banner Saga tells the tale of a group of refugees from a remote village who are caught up in events much bigger than themselves.

Difficult decisions must be made to overcome hardships on the journey, and various characters may die randomly, never to enter the story again. At the same time, the characters must continually flee from the approaching hordes of the dredge, along with a mysterious black barrier that is slowly consuming the world.

The Banner Saga 3 promises a culmination to these various story events and a final ending to the trilogy and a story that’s been full of twists and turns from its beginning, though we don’t really know anything about the game so far. We haven’t even gotten a trailer for it, though hopefully this will change when E3 rolls around, considering we got a trailer for The Banner Saga 2 during The Game Awards.

With the series having been released on the PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One, it was only a matter of time before a Banner Saga 3 Switch version got made. And with the other two games eventually being ported to the Switch (we have no release date except for “Soon”), hopefully The Banner Saga 3 will be a great success not just on its current platforms, but the Banner Saga 3 Switch version as well.