Bandai Namco Signs First-Person Platform Game DeadCore

Publisher Bandai Namco has signed DeadCore to its stable and will be handling its digital distribution for PC this summer. Previously, the game made by developer 5 bits Games was known as DeadLock.

Teaming up with a big publishing studio will allow the game to come to Steam. That way, DeadCore won’t need to struggle for attention through Steam Greenlight like its indie peers.

In DeadCore, players try to climb up a tower in a first-person perspective in a largely futuristic setting, a little like Mirror’s Edge. Platforms are spread around, creating large gaps to overcome.

To help players out, there are boosting pads and other items scattered around floating sections. Moreover, characters can make use of a speed boost to instantly gap a small distance.

On the way, DeadCore will place certain robotic enemies and obstacles. These will try to push players downward, away from their heightened goals.

Luckily, this first-person perspective perfectly allows for some good old fashioned shooting, though don’t expect a full on brawl either.

DeadCore sounds a little like the first-person alternative to the recently released Cloudbuilt. That game also had platforms and enemies with a race against time in its indie project picked up by a publishing company.

Bandai Namco is giving multiple indie studios support lately. It already released the randomly generated platform shooter Platformines onto Steam and will launch the ambitious multiplayer release GoD Factory: Wingmen this year as well.

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