Bandai Namco is Teasing Something New for April 13

Well, they couldn’t be any more vague than this one. Bandai Namco Entertainment has taken to the official website of Famitsu, and collaborated with them to tease us all with a countdown that gives out literally no clue what so ever.

If you visit this page, you will see a black and white image of a city covered in a hazy weather. On top of it there are these golden chains that don’t make much sense as of now, and a countdown timer.

At the time of writing, the timer has four days, 17 hours and three minutes left in what could be a new game announcement.

A quick look at the calendar will tell you that they are aiming for the coming Monday i.e. April 13, 2015.

Naturally, there isn’t much to go on as of now – and I am sure that was the plan when Bandai Namco Entertainment put up the timer – but since we have time on our hands, we will probably hear some speculations as to what this could be about.

In my opinion the image looks like it is a city from Japan, I don’t know why but it looks like one. Also, Famitsu is a Japanese magazine so may be we can close in on a Japanese title based in Japan – or not.

We’ll be updating you as soon as something official is shared by Bandai Namco Entertainment, so keep checking back for more.

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