Bandai Namco Fiscal Report For 2017 Reveals Amazing Growth And Profit

Bandai Namco has revealed its earnings result for the past fiscal year which ended on 31st March showing some really positive progress for the company. According to the financial results, the company saw a recurring profit of more than 63 Million Yen in the year which is 13 million more than from the fiscal year which ended in March 2016.

Network Content made up a big chunk of the sales for the company followed by home video games. According to the report, Bandai Namco shipped out 4.077 million copies of its games in Japan between April 1st 2016 and March 31st 2017.

Bandai Namco

Despite being the home turf of the company, these Japanese sales were still pretty low compared to the Western ones. More than 10 million game copies were sold in both Americas and Europe for a total of 25.526 million copies across the world, for 65 games. The company has plans to follow the same pattern for this year as well with 65 games to ship and an estimated 24.4 million unit sales.

Bandai Namco may not be as big of a publisher in West compared to EA or Ubisoft but they have their fair share of hit titles which has resulted in them being in rumors quite a lot recently. Late last year, rumors started floating around that CDPR might be looking for a distributor for Cyberpunk 2077 and reports suggested Bandai Namco might be the company who takes up the mantle.

The company has also been the home of the Tekken franchise since the start, resulting in rumors that suggested the latest iteration of the franchise, Tekken 7 would be releasing earlier than expected. However, those were shutdown pretty soon and the game is still on track for a June release.

The financial earnings are however no rumor and it is great to see other companies besides the usual giants doing so well in the western market, competition is after all always a good thing.

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