How Luck Of The Far Realm Works In Baldur’s Gate 3

Luck of the Far Realms is a useful buff in Baldur's Gate 3 if you know when and how to use it.

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers various unique passive features for the players to equip on their characters. Some of these passive buffs, like Luck of the Far Realms in Baldur’s Gate 3 provide extremely useful bonuses, especially during combat. In simpler terms, think of it as a lucky hit system in Baldur’s Gate 3 through which you can deal bonus damage to enemies.

What is Baldur’s Gate 3 Luck of the Far Realms bonus?

Luck of the Far Realm is a passive buff that can be used during combat whenever you attack an enemy. When you have Luck of the Farm Realms equipped on one of your weapons, whenever you land a successful attack roll in BG3 against an enemy, you have the option to convert that damage into a critical hit based on your weapon damage.

Since Critical Hit damage is usually double or triple that of a regular attack, it is extremely useful to save till the last leg of a boss fight so you can end the fight quickly. Luck of the Far Realms can only be used once per Long Rest.

Luck of the Far Realms can be used irrespective of the character’s class and race.

How to get Luck of the Far Realms in BG3

Luck of the Far Realms can be unlocked in BG3 once you successfully unlock Tier 2 Illithid Powers. You need to find and consume 5 Illithid Parasites to complete Tier 1. Once that is done, you are ready to upgrade to Tier 2. The sixth tadpole you consume can be used to unlock Luck of the Far Realms.

Once you have the power unlocked, it will always be active and you will get a prompt to use it whenever you land a hit on an enemy. You don’t have to worry about switching weapons or gear and seeing if the new equipment allows Luck of the Far Realms or not.


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