Baldur’s Gate 3 Steel Watch Titan Boss Guide

You can't disable the Steel Watch Foundry in Baldur's Gate 3 without completing its last step, taking out the Steel Watcher Titan.

The Steel Watch Titan is a boss in Baldur’s Gate 3 that will appear in the Steel Watch Factory as a part of the “Disable the Steel Watch” subquest.

It is one of the most challenging bosses that not only requires excellent strength but also the descent strategy of your party to defeat him. Steel Watch Titan is the last hurdle preventing you from disabling the Steel Watch Foundry in BG3. I’m here to help you find the Steel Watch Titan Boss and show you how to defeat him.

Steel Watch Titan location in BG3

You will fight the Steel Watch Titan Boss inside the Steel Watch Factory west of Lower City. The fight will take place in Act 3.

The boss fight will occur on the western side of the factory in the Control Center Antechamber, where you have to disable the Steel Watch after saving the Gondians.

How to defeat Steel Watch Titan in Baldur’s Gate 3

Before you fight the Steel Watch Titan Boss, you must take care of your health. Take a long rest and restore it. I recommend you to be at least level 10 with an AC score of 16 to fight the Steel Watch Titan Boss. This will allow you to use high-level spells.

You should have good spells and powerful melee weapons with damage of at least 20+. Enter the chamber and approach the two cylinders; the boss will elevate from the ground.


Take out the Hellfire Watchers’ first

The most challenging part of fighting the Steel Watcher Titan Boss Is not the boss itself but the 3 Hellfire Watcher guardians protecting him. You can go after the Hellfire Watchers in Baldur’s Gate 3 first. They will always prevent you from dealing an excellent blow to the Titan boss in BG3. Get rid of them as soon as possible.

After you defeat a Hellfire Watcher, it will detonate, and its explosion can also damage the Titan Boss and other Hellfire Watchers.

Once done with the Hellfire Watchers, the Steel Watcher Titan in BG3 will not be a big problem, and your entire party can now Focus on Titan Boss. The Titan Boss has a massive HP; you must stand longer to defeat him.

Use spells and melee weapons

Start the attack by using spells on the boss. Then, you can go by using melee weapons. The Titan Boss has an excellent defense, so using a melee weapon is more suitable. After depleting much of the boss’s health, the boss will turtle down in a Defensive Protocol: Bulwark mode. You can’t damage the boss while it is in this position.

The Steel Watch Titan releases missiles that cause AoE attacks and light the floor with fire, restricting your movement. You can effectively avoid damage from this attack by using the Level 6 Spell Globe of Invulnerability.

In the fight’s final phase, avoid the Titan Boss’s self-detonation, which will be enough to kill you. Run to the door when it happens.

Steel Watch Titan rewards and loot

After successfully defeating the Steel Watch Titan Boss, it will drop the Gontr Mael Legendary Bow, one of the best-ranged weapons in the Baldur’s Gate 3 and is used in many companion builds.

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