Bad Company 2: Vietnam Weapons Guide – Weapon Tips and Tricks

Bad Company 2: Vietnam expansion pack comes with the weapons, vehicles, and terrain of that era. Let’s take a look at the effectiveness of each weapon that came with this new downloadable content for EA’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Bad Company 2: Vietnam Weapons

In our Bad Company 2: Vietnam Guide, we have outlined every weapon class featured in the Vietnam expansion pack and some tips to bear in mind when choosing your weapon.

Assault Class Weapons

AK 47 is known for its high damage, power and recoil. It is quite effective at medium to long range shooting.

M16 has 3 rounds burst. There are 30 bullets in each magazine. It is effective in long-range shooting.

It has lesser fire rate than both Ak-47 and M16. Each clip carries 20 rounds. Damage is slightly more than M16.

It is one of the weapons issued in assault kit of Battlefield Bad Company 2.

It is the same as a 40mm Grenade Launcher but it is used to throw canisters of tear gas that can affect enemies within a 5.5-meter radius, it is also quieter and has lesser reload time.

Engineer Class Weapons

It’s pretty light weight with descent fire rate. Not effective for long range shooting. There are 40 rounds in each clip.

Common SMG of World War II. Slow fire rate but has got better range than both MAC 10 and Uzi.

It’s a well-known SMG with impressive stopping power. Has got the same fire rate as MAC10 but there are 32 rounds instead of 40 in each clip.

Medic Class Weapons

It looks like a typical WWII Light Machine Gun. Since its LMG, it comes with a big magazine of 100 rounds. Quite effective at long range.

RPK has got better fire rate and damage than M60. It also takes lesser time to reload. Magazine size is same as M60.

Better fire rate and damage than the above two. Each clip carries 200 rounds.

M2 Browning
It has extremely high damage that compensates for its lower fire rate. It can be used in remote control configuration.

M1919 Browning
It also has high damage but a moderate fire rate and due to its small crosshairs it has good accuracy but it does overheats for short moments when continuously fired.

Recon Class Weapons

It’s a Sniper Rifle. There are 5 rounds in each magazine. It has got lesser fire rate than the other two weapons of the same class.

There are 10 rounds in each magazine and it has got the same fire rate as M21.

Same fire rate and damage as SVD. Reload time is slightly lesser than M40.


An automatic pistol with a 12-round magazine.

M1911 .45
Almost similar to TT-33 but has a 7 round clip and has more stopping power.

Other Weapons

Flame Thrower
You can burn your enemy and its fun to use. Range is the limiting factor here.

M1 Garand
It’s a classic rifle. Each magazine has 8 rounds. Fire rate is pretty much like a Sniper Rifle.

It’s a shotgun. Quite effective at short range. Each clip carries 4 rounds.

It’s an SMG like Thompson. Quite effective at short range. Each Clip carries 30 rounds.

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