Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Tweak Guide

Why tweak? Because, sometimes settings that increase performance of the machine while running the game aren’t present in game option’s menu. Rather, it’s always some configuration or settings file overwriting certain aspects of the game to deliver the final goods.

So all we need to do is, play with the variables in the game’s configuration file. In Battlefield Bad Company 2, this file is “setting.ini”, which can be found in:

Windows 7/Vista

Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\[Zawad]\My Documents\BFBC2\settings.ini

After you have done all the tweaking, you need to mark “Settings.ini” as read only to keep the game from changing the settings back. Follow the guide below to tweak different variables in Bad Company 2 settings file to increase performance.

Bad Company 2 Graphics and Performance Tweaks

Anti-Aliasing (MSAA)
The higher you set this, the more resources the game will consume. So set it low, if you want to increase the performance of your machine.
Best Performance: 0 (1x)
Best Quality: 3 (4x)

Effect that tries to mimic the way human eye sees a bright object right after seeing a dark object. More of an eye candy, so turn it off.
Best Performance: false (off)
Best Quality: true (on)

DirectX Mode (DxVersion)
If you are on Windows 7/Vista, you may opt to run the game in DirectX 9 at the expense of graphics and eye candy you get while running the game on DirectX 10. One major disadvantage of running the game on DirectX 9 is that you may experience flickering textures and AA won’t work.
Best Performance: 9
Default: auto

Horizontal Based Ambient Occlusion (HSAO)
Dense shadows that add depth to objects, but can negatively impact performance.
Best Performance: false (off)
Best Quality: true (on)

Best Performance: medium or low
Best Quality: high

Quality of the grass on the ground. Turning it off, gives a massive performance boast.
Best Performance: medium or low
Best Quality: high

Syncs the games FPS to the refresh rate of your monitor to eliminate “tearing”. People with Average PC’s shouldn’t even think of turning it on, “Always off”. Infact, only turn it on if you can maintain 60+ FPS in the game.
Available settings: on, off

Anisotropic Filtering (Aniso)
Quality of textures at a distance. Not noticeable performance boast, but rendering these textures at distance uses memory, so keep it low if you have low RAM.

Available settings: low, medium, high

Quality of particle effects.
Available settings: low, medium, high

Amount of grass that comes out of the ground.
Available settings: low, medium, high

Level of detail on Players.
Available settings: low, medium, high

Quality of various objects (barrels, rocks, signs, etc.)
Available settings: low, medium, high

Quality of general terrain (not including grass; see Overgrowth & Undergrowth)
Available settings: low, medium, high

Quality of general textures (walls, fences, poles, etc.)
Available settings: low, medium, high

Level of detail on all vehicles.
Available settings: low, medium, high

Quality of water in the game, which you may never find, so better turn it off.
Best Performance: medium or low
Best Quality: high

Bad Company 2 Field Of View Guide (FOV Tweak)
Now field of view variable in settings.ini of Battlefield Bad Company 2 is vertical instead of horizontal. But, changing the vertical FOV does change the horizontal FOV proportionately.
First off, you need to find your vertical FOV that corresponds to horizontal FOV you want to play the game with.
You can find your corresponding vertical FOV using this calculator. Put in the your screen resolution, and the horizontal FOV you want, and the calculator will output vertical FOV that you need to put in “Settings.ini”.

Note: If you don’t have FOV line, just add it, “FOV=”.

Its either draw distance or more of control limit to render queue. No concrete evidence on its effects. So, go wild, you are on your own.
Best Performance: Your results may vary
Default: 2

Sound Quality
Only set this to high if you have a high-end PC, otherwise set it low.
Best Performance: low
Default: low

Refer the guide below to choose which number to pick, its completely different from sound settings.
5.1, 6.1, & 7.1 systems: 6
4.0 & 4.1 systems: 4
2.0 stereo & 2.1 systems: 2
Default: 0

Be sure to back up your default Settings.ini file. In case you are messed up and didn’t back up your original “Settings.ini” file, you can download the original Settings.ini file via Dice,’Smart People’ they are.

Source: Psythik of GameFaqs Forums, and Thanks RjDown for FOV Calculator.

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