Backwards Compatible Games Will Also Load Faster on Xbox Series X

A new statement from Microsoft about the Xbox Series X has said that backwards compatible games will run faster than ever on it due to the console’s better hardware. The statement came in a post that told Xbox fans everything that they needed to know about the console before release.

It’s no stranger to many at this pint that the Xbox Series X might actually be better than the Playstation 5 so far. Even though we haven’t seen what games the Playstation 5 will have yet, the two have already had their specifications released, and they’ve put the Xbox out ahead.

Both consoles appear to be doing their best to try and one-up the other regardless, such as in the terms of backwards compatible games that will be coming to each of them. Microsoft, having taken the lead in that race back in 2015, is probably in the best position to say it, too.

The statement about backwards compatibility for the Series X says that backwards compatible games will run better on the Series X than they ever have before, without any downclocking or boost mode being required. Everything will be run natively on the console, so that games run at peak performance.

The Xbox Series X’s ability to be able to run everything natively on its console in order to increase game performance has been a key part of its marketing, and is also all thanks to the drastically increased hardware boost that the console has been undergoing.

Considering that there will likely be a huge amount of backwards compatible games made available on the Xbox Series X, Microsoft making it so that they can run on the new console without the Series X having to slow down at all is a big deal, especially if it helps boost the game’s performance to the bargain.

Either way, we’ll likely continue to learn more about the console over the summer as we get closer and closer to its release date sometime around the end of this year.