Backward Compatibility: How to Transfer Xbox 360 Game Saves to Xbox One

A step-by-step guide on how to transfer Xbox 360 game saves to Xbox One.

Xbox Backward Compatibility — a feature which allows users to run their Xbox 360 titles on Xbox One with added bonuses — is now available in full swing. Those of you who are worried about losing your hard earned progress while playing an Xbox 360 title on an Xbox One; Microsoft has provided a simple method of transferring save files between Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Before we dive in and discuss the method, do note that you will need both your consoles — at least once — in order to initiate the transfer process. But why on earth would you play your old games on an Xbox One if you have an Xbox 360 lying around? The answer to this is added bonuses offered by Backward Compatibility which includes built-in DVR to record your gameplay videos, screenshots, sharing options, online streaming, and so much more.

Transfer Xbox 360 Game Saves to Xbox One

The first thing that you need to do is to fire up your Xbox 360 and open up ‘Settings’ followed by opening up the ‘System Settings’. From there, select ‘Storage’ and select the device which contains your save files i.e. a USB device, an external HDD, or built-in storage.

Once done, choose the save file that you need to transfer, open up options, and choose either ‘copy’ or ‘move’ followed by transferring the said file to Cloud Save Games. This is all you need your Xbox 360 for since you can transfer multiple save files at the same time.

Next up, turn on your Xbox One and it will automatically start downloading your previous save files from the cloud storage. In case you do not want to use Cloud Save Games, you can transfer these to a compatible external HDD or a USB, provided that it is 3.0 and 256GB.

Finally, do note that you can use the same process to continue the process back and forth between the two consoles.


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