Back 4 Blood Zombie Types Guides

The Ridden are the zombies that you will face throughout your PvE and PvP ventures in Back 4 Blood. These zombies have various types, and in this guide, we will be getting you up to speed with all the Back 4 Blood Zombie Types.

Back 4 Blood Zombie Types

Apart from the Common Infected type of zombies in B4B, there are five special types of Ridden with special abilities and attributes. To overcome them, you need to know their abilities as well as their weak points.

That’s why we have this guide below, which goes over all the Ridden types in Back 4 Blood, along with how you can beat them!

Common Infected

These are the most common zombies in B4B. Although individually, they are relatively easy to beat, when in the form of hoards, they can entirely overrun you.

The movement speed of these zombies is governed by the corruption cards taken out by the Director at the onset of each level.

The best way to deal with this type of zombie is to steer clear of their groups and handle them individually.


Stingers are zombies with four arms, with the abilities such as exceptional mobility, to hop over long distances, and hang onto walls.

They can also spit goo at a survivor from a large distance, and when this goo connects, the survivor becomes susceptible to all sorts of attacks.

Only another survivor can help them get out of that state of vulnerability. If Stingers are in your vicinity, you’ll hear loud coughing noises of them.

Stingers have a low maximum HP; hence, they can be easily dealt with if you timely find them. Their source of goo is in their chest, which happens to be their weak spot.


These zombies are massive in size, and they can spit out corrosive acid to damage survivors. This acid will also tempt zombies to its location.

Reekers come in two variants; retches and exploders. Upon dying, retches will leave a pool of acid, whereas the exploders will deal devastating amounts of damages and knock you back.

Due to their considerable HP, you’ll need to work as a team if you wish to take them down.

The large size of the retches means large silhouettes, as a result of which, you’ll be able to see them from long range. So, you can start to damage these creatures as soon as you put your eyes on them.


This type of Special Ridden is very threatening, especially due to their muscular right arm. Bruisers slam their right arm into enemies, dishing out enormous damage and knocking back enemies a few meters.

For a Bruiser to make full use of its abilities, it needs to be in close proximity with you. Luckily, firearms will be accessible to you during the battle with Bruisers, so you’ll be able to deal with them from a distance.

Apart from that, there is a weak spot on the right shoulder of a Bruiser. Upon enough shooting at this weak spot, Bruiser’s stronger right arm will fall off, and you can then finish it off.


The Snitchers stand out from other Ridden due to their relatively long necks.

Although they have a mediocre HP and combat prowess, their ability to summon undead hordes to your location is what makes them menacing.

The main ability of Snitchers, which is to alert the zombie horde to your location, is only utilized when they detect your presence. Hence, you can practice stealth to approach Snitchers and kill each of them with surprise kills.


The Ogre zombies are the strongest of all zombies in Back 4 Blood due to their unbelievably large health pool. They can also replenish their HP mid-battle.

Furthermore, Ogres can let out damaging projectiles towards you as well as grab you and throw you. The Ogre zombies are basically the level bosses in the first campaign of B4B.

The only con of Ogres is that their movement speed is extremely slow, and that’s where you’ll exploit them. Accordingly, during the battle, look for places where Ogres are unable to enter to stay out of the reach of their reach and buy some time.