How to Play As Walker in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is a new Zombie Survival Shooter game, that gives you the ability to choose from many characters to play with. In this guide, we’ll be showing you How to Play as Walker in Back 4 Blood, and what weapons, cards and builds you can use to bring out the most of Walker’s potential.

How to Play as Walker in Back 4 Blood

Elijah Walker is one of the characters that are available for you to choose from at the beginning of the game. Walker is famous among players for being the perfect Cleaner in Back 4 Blood during the beginning of the game.

Walker is suitable for players that like to take part in ranged combat, rather than engaging in a closed fight. He excels in sharpshooting skills by dealing high damage with more precision.


Every character in Back 4 Blood has some abilities that make them unique from other characters. Following are the abilities that come with Walker:

  • +10 Team Health
  • 10% Extra Damage Dealt
  • 20% accuracy for 5 seconds upon performing Precision Kills

Best Weapons for Walker

Once you load into the mission with Walker, you will only have a Frag Grenade in your hand. You will now have the option to choose between Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles, both of which can be termed as perhaps the best weapons for Walker.

Assault Rifles are best in situations with hordes of zombies and against bosses. Choose a rifle with high accuracy and a slow fire rate to deal extra damage to enemies. Some of the best Assault Rifles to choose are:

  • M4 Carbine
  • M16
  • Ranch Rifle

Sniper Rifles are extremely powerful against heavy bosses, only if you have the skill to aim at their weak spots. The best sniper rifle in the game at the moment is:

  • Barrett M95

Best Walker Cards Build

Walker is a marksman with great leading capabilities and extra firepower, but one of Walker’s drawbacks is the lack of ammo and utilities. As you progress through the game, you will get more cards, some of which can be used to make a formidable Walker.

We have picked the following 12 cards that we think are best to use with Walker and help fill for his drawbacks.

Reckless Strategy

  • +30% weak spot damage
  • -5% resistance against damage

Pep In Your Step

  • +10% movement speed after precision kill

In the Zone

  • +5% reload speed for 5 sec after precision kill

Tactical Vest

  • +30% rifle ammo
  • -10% assault rifle damage

Hunker Down

  • +10% damage resistance
  • +40% accuracy while crouching

Combat Training

  • +5% bullet damage
  • +50% bullet penetration

Ammo Pouch

  • +25% ammo capacity


  • 20% chance to make Ridden explode after precision kill

Line ‘Em Up

  • +100% bullet penetration with assault rifles

Killer’s Instinct

  • +30% damage on the weak spot
  • Disables ADS

Ridden Slayer

  • +20% weak spot damage

Second Chance

  • Gives you an extra life and +5 health