Back 4 Blood Supply Point Farming Guide

In this guide, we will be talking about Supply Point Farming in Back 4 Blood and how you can use the tips discussed here to maximize your farming potential. We have gathered some of the most effective ways to grind for Supply Point.

Back 4 Blood Supply Point Farming

Supply Points hold great importance in Back 4 Blood as you’ll be needing them to purchase cards. These cards form decks that boost stats and allow you to use specific abilities during the missions.

Having an ample amount of Supply Points will allow you to progress through Supply Lines, the game’s progression system, and unlock not only new cards for your deck but also outfits and weapon skins.

Players have been trying to find effective ways to grind Supply Points as fast as possible, and while there are many methods out there, we believe that the one we will suggest is the fastest method out there.

Whisper of the Worm Part 1

You have to grind for Supply points in the mission “Whisper of the Worm Part 1” which is a mission from ACT 2 of the campaign. You have to play this mission on Veteran difficulty as this is one of the shortest missions in the game and only involves a boss fight.

Your goal here is to kill the ogre and go back to the safe house. You can do this mission solo or with friends, but we recommend doing it with friends as that’ll make the grind even more swift.

Suggested Deck

We recommend that you use a deck that focuses on grenade damage and stamina because the ogre is most vulnerable against accessory damage. Here are the top 10 cards we suggest using for a grenade damage-focused deck:

  • Demolitions Expert : +50% Accessory Damage, -15% Ammo Capacity
  • Improvised Explosives: +75% Accessory Damage, -25% Swap Speed
  • Bomb Squad: +100% Explosive Damage, +35% Explosive Resistance
  • Grenade Training: +25% Accessory Damage
  • Double Grenade Pouch: +2 Offensive Inventory, -10% Damage Dealt
  • Grenade Pouch: +1 Offensive Inventory
  • Surplus Pouches: +1 Team Offensive Inventory
  • Glass Cannon: +25% Damage, -30% Health
  • Evasive Action: Gain 20% Sprint for 3 seconds when you take 10 or more damage.
  • Superior Cardio: +20% Stamina, +20% Sprint Efficiency, -5% Health

The Strategy

You need to max out on grenades and buy a gun at the end as well. If you are playing with friends, tell them to pick up a toolkit to unlock a very useful minigun during the boss fight.

As soon as the gates open, you will see a minigun on the right which can be extremely useful if you can unlock it using a toolkit.

The ogre is going to charge at you with a few specials from the other end of the road.

As soon as he gets into grenade-throwing range, you can start hurling nades at him while your buddies deal with the specials. The ogre will take massive damage from all the boosted accessory damage and should die without posing any real threat.

After which, you only need to clear the trash mobs and get to the safe house. You will receive 50 Supply Points for completing this mission which is an excellent amount considering how quick the mission was.

Keep farming the same mission until you have an adequate amount of Supply Points for your next card purchases.

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