Back 4 Blood Profile Service Error Fix Guide

In this guide, we’ll help you fix the Profile Service error in the beta version of Back 4 Dead to make your zombie killing experience seamless.

Back 4 Blood Profile Service Error Fix

After being Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios are Back 4 Dead. It’s always a pleasure getting a sequel to your favorite FPS game; however, the game won’t be launching until October this year.

For now, we’ll be getting a beta test version of the game, which would stay live for four days, beginning on the 12th of October and ending on the 16th of October.

Before we pile up our grievances for the developers over all the existing bugs, let’s not forget that beta versions are released to identify all the bugs and fix them before the full launch of the game.

Such is the case with Back 4 Dead. The game comes pre-loaded with several bugs, one of which is the Profile Service Error. And here’s how to fix it!

Stay Up to Date with Back 4 Blood Twitter Announcements

Initially, the problems arose when the players tried to access the multiplayer servers before the beta version of the game went live. However, the servers are now up, and all the players with access to the beta version can now log in and shoot some zombies.

The error can still pop up anytime during the next 4 days, and that’s partly because of the overloaded servers. If more players access the servers than the servers can handle, they’re bound to crash.

This is where you need to follow up on Back 4 Dead’s Twitter page. Their team will notify you whenever the servers are down, so you’ll know if the problem exists at your end or the server’s end.

Reset Your Device

If your buddies are already shedding some blood while the server is keeping you out, you might think that the problem exists at your end.

This error, by nature, is a server-related problem. However, you can still try and fix the problem on your own.

For this, you need to log out from your computer and restart the game. While the game is rebooting, also reset your internet router just to be extra sure.

This will hopefully fix the issue, and you can join your gaming buddies.

Last Resort

If you’ve tried everything and the game still gives you the profile service error, then get your fingers moving and write down an email to the developers. Don’t forget to attach a screenshot of the error along with the email.

Their representative will get back to you and help you resolve the issue.

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