How to Get More Cards in Back 4 Blood

Deck building is a crucial aspect of Back 4 Blood. To build the perfect deck, you’ll need to get the right cards. So, to help you out with getting more cards in Back 4 Blood, this guide will be walking you through all the different methods of doing so.

How to Get More Cards in Back 4 Blood

Acquiring cards during your playthrough of Back 4 Blood and building the perfect deck for each character is an extremely important part of the game.

There are around 152 cards available to collect in the main Campaign of the game. These cards fit into four different categories: Reflex, Discipline, Brawn and Fortune.

When you start out in the campaign, you’ll only have access to a very small collection of cards. For the rest of the cards, you’ll have to play through the game and acquire them yourself.

As of right now, there are only two main ways of acquiring cards in Back 4 Blood. These two methods are listed below.

Play Through the Campaign

The first and foremost method of acquiring cards in B4B is to simply just play through the campaign.

The campaign of the game will give you all kinds of opportunities to acquire cards. You’ll be getting a lot of cards organically during the campaign, but you’ll also have to do some specific things to get the most amount of cards possible.

For starters, you’ll have to loot all of the containers and vendor cases that you find spread around the map. These containers and cases always have a chance of dropping cards, so make sure to not ignore them.

Another way of obtaining cards during your playthrough of the campaign is to complete the secret tasks that you see in the “Accomplishments” section under your profile.

Through these tasks, you can earn about a dozen cards that you won’t be able to obtain otherwise.

To earn them, you’ll have to complete certain tasks like getting X amount of kills with a specific weapon or completing a chapter without performing a given action within the chapter etc.

You’ll be unlocking most of these cards without even meaning to during your playthrough, but for some of them, you’ll actually have to make an effort to complete their tasks.

Finally, you can also acquire cards by trading them for Copper. Copper is the main currency of the game and you’ll be getting a lot of it during the campaign, so don’t shy away from spending some of it on getting yourself some cards for your decks.

Unlock them From Supply Lines

While you’re at Fort Hope, if you open up the menu, you’ll see something called “Supply Line”.

Supply Lines are linear reward paths that can be used to unlock all kinds of rewards, including skins and cards, at the cost of Supply Points.

Supply Points are another form of currency in Back 4 Blood that you’ll obtain by completing levels in the campaign.

At the start of the campaign, you’ll only have one Supply Line available, but you’ll unlock more as time goes on. On average, you’ll be getting around 5 cards per Supply Line, but this number varies a lot.

Since these Supply Lines work in a linear manner, it means that if the card you want is in the middle of a Supply Line, you’ll have to unlock all the other rewards preceding it before you can unlock the card; even if you don’t want any of the other rewards.

This means that getting a card from a Supply Line is quite a big investment of your Supply Points, so be a little careful when spending your points on them.

A good thing about these Supply Lines is that you can see exactly what cards you’re getting from the line before you put any points into it.

So, make sure to go through all the Supply Lines to see which one has the cards you actually want before you start spending your Supply Points.