How to Play As Karlee in Back 4 Blood

In Back 4 Blood, there are eight playable cleaners, and Karlee is one of them. In this guide, we’ll be learning How to Play as Karlee in Back 4 Blood and what cards, abilities, and play style she has to offer.

How to Play as Karlee in Back 4 Blood

To acquire Karlee’s character, you’ll first have to complete Act 1, ‘The Devil’s Return,’ and then you’ll be able to unlock a bunch of new characters.

Karlee will be one of these characters, and you’ll finally be able to play her character in the game. Below we’ve listed all her best abilities, weapons, traits, and best cards.


  • Danger Sense: Has a sixth sense regarding any nearby dangers.
  • Dexterous: +50% team use speed.
  • Nimble Fingered: You begin the game with a tool kit.
  • Bag of Tricks: +1 quick inventory.

By default, Karlee has a set of abilities that can help you plan out your attack due to her natural awareness of her surroundings.

By the above statement, we mean the Danger Sense that lets her detect hazards, mutation, and infected around her.

Karlee has a bunch of utilities and good senses that will be very beneficial for the team to detect any danger and avoid any harmful encounters. She’s also faster than the other team members, which can make her a great scout.

Best Weapons for Karlee

Other than the abilities, you can also make great use out of Karlee’s character by pairing her up with suitable weapons. Karlee is professional and natural when she’s given mid to long-range weapons.

This means you can easily hand her some rifles and snipers to let her perform her complete action. When you first opt for Karlee, she’ll have Tec 9 auto pistol equipped with her.

This weapon is especially very helpful to get rid of enemies when they get closer. So we recommend you to make the most use of it while she has it with her.

Although Karlee is best at what she does, it is crucial to know that she cant fill the purpose of being a front-line fighter while dealing with enemies. She can be a helpful sidekick but lacks to perform as a tag partner during the tougher fights.

Best Cards for Karlee

As mentioned above, Karlee can move faster than anyone on the team. This is because she holds the Team Effect ability, which gives her +50% on the Team Use Speed.

This speed will let Karlee interact with the objects faster than anyone else on the team, and she can also farm supply points more rapidly with it. It also means she’ll be able to complete the mission quicker and faster than anyone else.

This leads us to conclude that the best thing you can do is maximize one of Karlee’s strongest points; speed. You can do so through our selection of Best Cards below.

Copper Scavenger

  • Sense any copper nearby
  • Increases spawn rate of copper

Combat Medic

  • +50% use speed
  • Teammates heal upon reviving them


  • +75% use speed
  • -5% damage resistance

Group Therapy

  • All teammates heal for 5 health whenever you use a Medical Accessory

Knowledge is Power

  • Deal 10% bonus Weak Spot Damage
  • Players can see damage numbers and enemy health bars

Marked For Death

  • Mutations are highlighted
  • Team deals +10% increased damage

Killer’s Instinct

  • 30% bonus Weak Spot Damage
  • Aim Down Sights is disabled

Headband Magnifier

  • 125% use speed
  • Will be blinded for one second when taking damage

Utility Scavenger

  • Sense quick accessories
  • Quick accessories spawn

Offensive Scavenger

  • Sense any offensive accessories nearby
  • Increases the spawn rate of accessories

Charitable Soul

  • Heal yourself for the same amount you heal your teammates.

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