How to Play as Jim in Back 4 Blood

Jim is a marksman who’s recruited as one of the eight cleaners in Back 4 Blood to take on a group of infected creatures known as the Ridden. In this guide, we’ll be looking at how to Play as Jim in Back 4 Blood along with information regarding how you can unlock the cleaner, what are the best cards to use and the best weapons.

How to Play as Jim in Back 4 Blood

Cleaners are the playable characters in Back 4 Blood who have survived the apocalypse and are now free from the Devil Worm.

The same Devil Worm that has infected the entire population, and now it’s up to the cleaners to fight against the creatures and take back what’s rightfully theirs.

Jim is one of the cleaners in Back 4 Blood and is unlocked after completing “The Devil’s Return” in campaign mode.

Jim is the Sniper character/class in B4B with his default weapon being the hard-hitting 357 Magnum. He is well known for his precise ranged attacks, making him one of the best playable characters the cleaners have to offer.

Below we’ll be discussing the abilities, weapons, and cards to use as Jim.


Jim possesses 4 main traits that help him fight against the Ridden. The traits are listed below:

  • Clean Kill: This ability provides Jim with an additional 5% damage with his precise shots. The damage is stackable up to 50% until Jim receives damage.
  • Seasoned Hunter: This ability provides Jim with an additional 10% Team Weak Spot Damage.
  • Quick Aim: This ability provides Jim with an additional 25% ADS speed or Aim Down Sight Speed.
  • Razor Snare: Using this ability, Jim starts off missions equipped with a razor wire.

From this stacked roster of abilities, the ones you’ll be focused on are Clean Kill and Seasoned Hunter as they will be substantially adding to your DPS potential.

Best Weapons for Jim

Jim and Walker possess an almost identical playstyle in Back 4 Blood. The only difference is that Jim favors more of a long-range aggressive approach and relies heavily on his damage output when facing elites and bosses.

Therefore, the best option is to use Sniper Rifle since Jim is an expert in that category. However, don’t limit yourself to just the Sniper Rifle as basically any slow-firing and highly accurate weapon will be ideal for Jim including his 357 Magnum.

Equipping Jim with these weapons is a sure path to absolute destruction.

Jim’s potential relies a lot on consistency and evasiveness. To maintain both of those aspects, you will have to make sure you’re approaching situations from a distance rather than up-close like your comrades.

If you get hit too often, you won’t be able to leverage the benefits of increased damage from precision shots.

Best Cards for Jim

As mentioned before, Jim focuses heavily on damage output so in order to use him at his full potential, you must use cards that grant you additional damage output.

The best and the most recommended cards to have in your deck are: Ridden Slayer, Superior Cardio, In the Zone, and Pep In Your Step.

Below we’ve given 10 of the best cards for Jim in Back 4 Blood.

Ridden Slayer

  • Bonus 20% Weak Spot Damage


  • Bonus 5% Weak Spot Damage for Each Precision Kill in the last 10 seconds

Pep In Your Step

  • Bonus 10% Movement Speed after a Precision Kill for 5 seconds

Superior Cardio

  • Bonus 20% Stamina
  • Increases Sprint Efficiency by 20%
  • +5 Health

In the Zone

  • Increases Reload Speed by 5% for 5s after a Precision Kill, stacking up to 10 times


  • Each bullet hit causes the Ridden to take 1% increased damage, up to 15%, for 3 seconds

Reckless Strategy

  • Bonus 30% Weak Spot Damage
  • Suffer from -5% Damage Resistance

Line ‘Em Up

  • Increases Assault Rifle bullet penetration by 100%

Tactical Vest

  • Increased Rifle Ammo Capacity by 30%
  • Increases Assault Rifle/LMG damage by 10%

Confident Killer

  • Gain 1% damage, up to 15%, when you or a team member kills a Mutation. Lasts till the end of the level.

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