How to Play As Hoffman in Back 4 Blood

In Back 4 Blood, there are multiple characters available to play as, and one of these characters is Hoffman. Hoffman is a support character whose abilities help out the team greatly. In this guide, we will explain how to play as Hoffman in Back 4 Blood.

How to Play As Hoffman in Back 4 Blood

In Back 4 Blood, you will first have to unlock Hoffman before being able to play as him. Hoffman is unlocked after you complete The Crossing in Act 1: The Devil’s Return of the campaign mode. His abilities are centered around providing support and ammo to the team.


Hoffman has the following abilities.

  • Chance to find Ammo when killing enemies (Ridden)
  • Start with Ammo Pack
  • +1 Offensive Item Slot
  • Team Ammo Capacity increases by 10%.

As you can see, most of his abilities are aimed at helping out the team with their Ammo capacity. Hoffman himself has a chance to get ammo when he kills a Ridden enemy, and he also starts with an ammo pack.

Best Weapons to use with Hoffman

Being a support character, using LMGs and rifles is a good option with Hoffman.

Hoffman is also quite versatile, and any weapon can work with him. But LMGs and rifles will help obtain more ammo as you will be able to kill enemies more quickly and easily with these weapons.

Best Back 4 Blood Hoffman Cards Build

As Hoffman is a support character, the aim should be to use cards that will maximize Hoffman’s abilities.

The cards below are the best option for Hoffman in Back 4 Blood. You can create multiple different builds from a mix of these cards.

Marked For Death

  • Mutations are highlighted
  • Team deals +10% increased damage


  • Each bullet hit causes the Ridden to take 1% increased damage, up to 15%, for 3 seconds

Meat Grinder

  • Gain 30% move speed and accuracy while using an LMG

Reckless Strategy

  • Bonus 30% Weak Spot Damage
  • Suffer from -5% Damage Resistance

Confident Killer

  • Gain 1% damage, up to 15%, when you or a team member kills a Mutation. Lasts till the end of the level.

Silver Bullets

  • Bonus 10% Damage
  • Bonus 150% Bullet Penetration
  • Lose 5 copper for each Mutation kill

Hunker Down

  • Gain 10% Damage Resistance and 40% Bonus Accuracy when crouched

Ammo Stash

  • Secondary Weapons have unlimited ammo
  • Secondary Weapons reload 20% slower

Tactical Vest

  • Bonus 30% Rifle Ammo capacity
  • 10% increased Assault Rifle and LMG damage

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