How to Play as Evangelo in Back 4 Blood

In this Back 4 Blood guide, we will go into details on how to play as the speedy Cleaner, Evangelo. We will explain Evangelo’s character abilities, best cards and how to utilize him effectively in Back 4 Blood.

How to Play as Evangelo in Back 4 Blood

At the start of your Back 4 Blood campaign, Evangelo is one of the characters available right from the beginning. He’s a quick-witted cleaner who knows how to get out of tight situations and this is reflected in his abilities.

He’s a lighthearted speedster character that’s perfect for any new player. Evangelo can regularly break away from the team whilst remaining maneuverable and slippery from the clutches of the Ridden.


Evangelo’s abilities are as follows:

  • Born Survivor: Increased break-out speed by 75%.
  • Fit: Can regenerate stamina 25%
  • Light Footed: Provides team with a speed of +5%.
  • Firestarter: Begin with a Molotov cocktail

As you can see, Evangelo has a lot of impressive abilities which can help you in Back 4 Blood. With his ability to break free from grabs, he can avoid unwanted downs and fatalities due to a lack of team coordination.

Furthermore, because of Evangelo’s enhanced basic stamina and movement speed, he can also be used to lure opponent aggression and attention and even increase the mobility of other cleaners a bit.

Starting with a Molotov can be good for crowd control, but it’s not as game-changing as the rest of Evangelo’s kit.

Best Weapons for Evangelo

Normally, Evangelo starts with a machete, which you should keep in your possession. You can switch to various melee weapons that fit your style better.

Horizontal swinging weapons should be used to deal with smaller fry, while fire axes and hatchets should be used to strike larger targets with harder-to-hit areas.

He can utilize virtually any weapon as his second weapon. It depends on your comfort level, but ideally, he should disperse crowds with firearms that are better for numerous targets. To do this, use an assault rifle or a sub-machine gun.

Best Cards for Evangelo

Evangelo would benefit from anything that increases his movement speed or stamina.

His already increased stamina can be bolstered with any combination of cards that further increase it to get good synergy with his intended playstyle. Evangelo can also benefit from various melee boosts for hit and run tactics!

We have listed down the best suited cards for Evangelo with the names and attributes of each card.

Spiky Bits

  • Increases melee damage by 25%.
  • Increases damage resistance by 10% while using a melee weapon.


  • Increase in Melee damage by 10%
  • Increase in melee speed by 10%
  • Increase in movement speed by 5% for each melee kill


  • Increase in health by +5.
  • Increase in melee efficiency by 10%
  • Increase in melee attack speed by 20%

Hydration Pack

  • Increase in health by +25.

Cross Trainers

  • Increases stamina by 20%
  • Increases stamina regeneration by 20%
  • Increases movement speed by 3%
  • Increases health by 5%

Superior Cardio

  • Increases stamina by 20%
  • Increases stamina efficiency by 20%
  • Increases health by 5%


  • Increases stamina by 100%.
  • Increases stamina regeneration by 75%.
  • Gain 10 additional stamina by killing an enemy.

Mad Dash

  • Increases sprint speed by 20%


  • Increases movement speed while firing by 45%
  • Increases movement by 5% when not firing

Rolling Thunder

  • Additional movement speed.
  • Additional reload speed.

Confident Killer

  • Increases damage by 1% in case of killing a mutation.

Meth Head

  • Increases melee attack speed by 40%
  • Increases melee stamina efficiency by 40%

Ignore the Pain

  • 20% increase in damage resistance against mutations
  • Increases temporary health by 1%
  • Increases stamina by +3.

Battle Lust

  • Health can be healed by 2 in case of Melee kills

Face Your Fears

  • Temporary health increase by 3 in case of killing a Ridden within 2 meters area.


  • Increases melee speed by 10%
  • Melee kills help teammates increase temporary health by 1%.

Batter Up

  • Increases Melee damage by 50%
  • Increases health by 5%

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