How to Play as Doc in Back 4 Blood

What’s a survival horror game without a paramedic? In this guide, we’ll explain How to Play as Doc in Back 4 Blood, her abilities, and some of the best cards for this character.

How to Play as Doc in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood allows you to choose between 8 playable characters. While most of them are blood-thirsty and focus more on the enemies, Doc is a sweetheart. She’ll make sure that the fallen soldiers of her team receive the best paramedic services to get them back on their feet.

While her character is more inclined towards healing the damage, rather than doing some, she can still pick up a weapon and take out a few antagonists if the need be.


  • Field Medic: Each teammate will receive +25 HP
  • Skilled Physician: Increased healing efficiency by 30%
  • Triage: Increased team trauma resistance by 25%
  • Ready to Operate: Every mission will begin with a bandage

Most of her abilities are focused on healing. She’ll be providing better trauma resistance, more healing efficiency. And above all, she’ll be replenishing the HP of her teammates.

Best Weapons for Doc

Doc’s character is not best suited for any particular kind of weapon. But shooting a pistol or a gun isn’t rocket science.

Therefore, try handing her a similar weapon to that of the rest of the team, and she can play her part in shooting down a few enemies.

If the rest of the team is carrying long-ranged weapons, it’s better that you give her one of the long-ranged weapons as well.

Best Doc Cards Build

Given that Doc specializes in providing damage resistance and healing other characters, below are the cards best suited for her job.

Medical Profession

  • Recovers 15 Trauma damage
  • Gives 1 extra life

Medical Expert

  • Gives 15% more healing efficiency
  • Enhances the movement speed by 15% for 15 seconds upon using a medical accessory


  • Enhances the use speed by 50%
  • Enhances the stamina by 10%

Smelling Salts

  • Enhances the revive speed by 100%

Pep Talk

  • Enhances the revive speed by 150%
  • Reduces the damage resistance by 5%

Antibiotic Ointment

  • Enhances healing efficiency by 20%


  • Enhances the movement speed by 10% upon using pain meds
  • Enhances the reload speed by 10%
  • Enhances the weapon reload speed by 10% for 30 seconds

Charitable Soul

  • You heal by 50% after healing a teammate

Second Chance

  • you get 1 extra life
  • you get 5 extra health

Fanny Pack

  • This gives you one extra slot in your inventory for keeping supplies

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