Back 4 Blood Best Weapons Guide

There is a diverse range of weapons, with varying perks, in Back 4 Blood for you to choose from. In this guide, we will be getting you up to speed with some of the best weapons that you can choose in this all-new zombie shooter.

Back 4 Blood Best Weapons

To acquire weapons in B4B, you basically have to scavenge through its apocalyptic world. Else, they can be bought from a safe room shop.

However, note that the weapons available in the safe room shop are entirely random, and once you pick up a weapon, you’ll have to find the upgrades for it during different parts of the game.

Anyhow, getting back to the crux of this guide, below, we have outlined the best weapons available in Back 4 Blood.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Best Sidearms

Unlike Left 4 Dead, you can’t swap out your sidearms or secondary weapon and carry two primary weapons in Back 4 Blood. However, the side arms carry quite a punch if you know which ones to use.


As a semi-auto pistol, M1911 boasts several benefits. Its light ammo allows you great mobility. Apart from that, it also allows a stable recoil pattern and decent damage output.

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle uses sniper ammo and deals heavy amounts of damage. The only problem you can face with this sidearm is its overall control. However, that can be remedied once you’ve gotten a bit used to it.


Especially useful at close-range, TEC-9 is the last sidearm in our list. Apart from its excellent damage output, its great hip-fire allows you to overcome scores of zombies.

Best Submachine Guns

Deadly in close range and highly accurate, submachine guns will be the go-to choice for fast-moving characters like Evangelo and Karlee.


If you like to rush around while also dealing the hefty damage, an SMG, like MP5, is your choice. The weapon’s lack of magazine size can be accounted for by using an appropriate attachment.


Aside from MP5, if you want a recoil-free SMG with an exceptional rate of fire, look no further than Vector!

Best Shotguns

Shotguns have always carried quite a punch and are extremely useful if you are struggling against Ridden hordes. They can be highly useful to blast a hole through multiple enemies in one shot if you find yourself getting swarmed with no way out.

Super 90

Super 90 is a complete shotgun package. Whether you talk about good reload speed, high rate of fire, or something else, this weapon has it all!


When it comes to narrow areas, like closed corridors, a shotgun-like AA12 will help you a great deal. It deals moderate damage and reloads quite fast. Hence, when the Ridden is on your face, pulling this weapon out will serve you incredibly.

Best Assault Rifles

The ideal balance between Snipers and SMGs, Assault Rifles provide decent rate of fire and medium-range accuracy combined with good damage to make quick work of Mutations and hordes alike.


The AK-47 assault rifle is a proven weapon that will particularly come in handy during tough situations. Not only does it feature a high damage rate, but also, it is quite effective in both close and medium-range situations.

M4 Carbine

M4 Carbine is another one of the assault rifles you can opt for, apart from AK-47. Like AK-47, it has a high damage output. In addition, it allows plenty of mobility as well as steady recoil flow.

Best Sniper Rifles

For players who prefer fighting from long range and precision damage with characters like Jim, Sniper and Semi-Auto Rifles are the go-to choice. They might be slow but their damage and accuracy more than makes up for the rate of fire.


A sniper rifle, such as M1A, is your choice if you prefer to keep your distance from the hordes of undead. This weapon deals decent damage and has a high fire rate, which means it will prevent you from falling prey to crowded situations.

Barret M-95

As a sniper rifle, Barret M-95 caters to your long-range needs. This weapon can do an unbelievable amount of damage, which makes up for its slow fire rate.

Best Light Machine Guns

Always handy to have someone like Hoffman in your squad who masters LMGs to mow down hordes of Ridden whenever you have to hunker down and hold objectives.


In LMGs, M249 surely stands out. Its towering accuracy and handling make it quite easier to control. Moreover, it has a large capacity and a high fire rate which makes it a useful option when you are just looking to spray on the enemies.

As for its considerable reload time, you can equip a fast mag attachment with it or use a dependable secondary weapon.

Best Melee Weapon

Similar to Shotguns, melee weapons can be useful to create some breathing room when you find yourself swarmed. However, using them requires stamina. Ideally, it is best to only use melee weapons with experts like Holly.

Fire Axe

If shooting down as foe isn’t your style, go with a melee weapon, like Fire Axe. It deals a lot of damage at the cost of high stamina loss. However, you can make up for the stamina loss if you build a custom deck before the campaign begins.