Back 4 Blood Best Characters Guide

Back 4 Blood is back for the blood of the undead and their executioners return with a new face! Which character, rather ‘Cleaner’ should you pick in your adventure? In this guide, we will gloss over the Back 4 Blood Best Characters available and their specialties so you can pick your favorite.

Back 4 Blood Best Characters

You have eight cleaners to test and choose from, with each having their own specialty.

Here is a quick overview of all the Back 4 Blood Best Characters to give you an idea of how these individuals differ from each other.


Are you the infantry that everyone counts on? Running in and locking horns with the enemy infected head-on so as to give safe passage and cover to your partners? Then Holly is the right gal for you!

By wielding her trusty baseball bat, Holly is the resident whack-a-mole expert. Landing fatal blows after blows, she can easily persevere in close-quarter combat against infected hordes. So, pick Holly if you want a mixture of a speed devil melee expert.

Team Skill & Specialty

  • +25 Stamina
  • Recovers 10 Stamina for every kill
  • 10% increased Damage Resistance
  • Starts out with a Spiked Bat


Jim’s abilities allow you to carry Long-ranged weapons so expect sniping to become much easier through him. Additionally, it’s only natural that this gunslinger has increased speed when aiming down the sights of a firearm.

Not only that but thanks to his control over precision weapons you will definitely deal high damage. Including the buffs that boost damage on weak spots, your headshots will pack a punch on common enemies as well.

All in all, having Jim on the team will herald the doom of the Special Infected type of enemies. Then again you definitely need some sort of control to not go on a willy-nilly kill spree with this man.

Team Skill & Specialty

  • +10% Damage on Weak Spots
  • Increased Damage after Precision kills by 5% (max 50%). Buff is lost if Jim takes damage in return
  • Increased ADS (aim-down-sight) speed by 25%
  • Begins game with .357 Magnum


Choosing Doc comes with a heavy responsibility since you will become the medic of the team.

Doc is able to heal critical health allies without items. The speed of healing when using items is faster and she increases the team’s trauma resistance.

You won’t know the importance of Doc’s presence when your team is at the mercy of intimidating enemies. Her team skill that reduces Trauma Damage can save a lot of lives when everyone is a critical health level.

Like any other character, she starts with a Beretta M9 firearm. Don’t expect this physician to be a sitting duck on the field.

Team Skill & Specialty

  • +25% Resistance against Trauma Damage
  • Able to Heal allies once per level for 25 HP using her ‘field dressing’
  • +20% Efficiency when using Healing items
  • Starts the game with a Beretta M9


Walker is able to deal increased damage, gains increased accuracy with precision weapons, and increases the overall vitality of the team. You can say that he is somewhat of a Bulwark of the group.

Walker players will start out the game with their trusty Glock 23 as their secondary weapon. Though Walker may not have unique skills, this man is a solid damage dealer with a myriad of useful offensive buffs.

Walker’s accuracy increases after killing Common Infected through headshots or aiming at the weak spots of Special Infected.

Imagine if you pair this man with Jim and Doc, you guys will definitely be a bane to the Infected’s existence.

Team Skill & Specialty:

  • +10 Increased Health
  • +20 Accuracy for 5 seconds after killing an enemy after a Precision Kill
  • +10 Damage Increase
  • Begins game with a Glock 23


Karlee is definitely a useful ally to have whose abilities are very utility centric so to speak.

Karlee’s ability shines through when she senses certain hazards and is able to warn the team.

Her presence also increases the speed when interacting with objects or important points of interest for example picking locks etc.

She also has an extra quick slot. Meaning she is able to carry an additional defibrillator or other important items that others can’t carry.

She starts out the game with a Tec 9 as her secondary weapon.

Team Skill & Specialty:

  • +25 Increased Item Interaction Speed
  • Able to Sense Hazards
  • +1 Quick Inventory Slot
  • Tec 9 Secondary Weapon


As the name suggests, Mom is the guardian of the team.

One of her best abilities is to instantly revive a teammate and grant extra life to her allies. Her support capabilities are unquestioned especially with abilities that allow her to carry extra bandages and med-kits.

Strange how in comparison to Doc, Mom has more potential as support. But her abilities focus solely on the revival and preservation of her team’s health pool.

This elderly Biker Valkyrie is definitely a good choice alongside heavy damage dealing characters.

Team Skill & Specialty:

  • Grants an Extra life
  • Able to revive Incapacitated Allies instantly
  • +1 Quick Inventory Slot
  • Starts with Belgian Shotgun


Evangelo’s ability is extremely useful when a wayward teammate is grabbed by a Special Infected.

He is a swift character who is able to save himself and other teammates from a grab. Although allies may receive the initial Grab damage, they would at least be able to create distance from the Infected.

Through Evangelo’s movement speed buff, his team will be granted increased speed that can be useful when cornered.

He also has increased stamina regeneration thus making it safe to say he can fulfill the role of a scout. He can run ahead of his team to look out for safe passages and other important points safely.

Team Skill & Specialty:

  • +5 Increased Movement Speed
  • Able to break away from Grabs
  • +25% Increased Stamina Regeneration
  • Starts with a Machete


You can say that Hoffman is the ammo supplier of the team.

His first skill allows him to recover ammo for himself and his team after each kill, neat right? He is also able to upgrade the overall ammo capacity for everyone.

He also has an extra Offensive item spot so he can carry extra items like pipe bombs and molotovs.

Hoffman is a vital addition to any team. He’s the walking and talking armory with an almost infinite supply of ammo that you definitely need.

Team Skill & Specialty:

  • +10 Increased Ammo Capacity
  • Chance to spawn Extra Ammo through kills
  • Extra Offensive Item Slot
  • Starts with an M1911

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