Babylon’s Fall will skip a season to “re-evaluate” its future

There has been a change of plan for the upcoming second season of Babylon's Fall which will now run for two whole seasons straight.

There has been a change of plan for the upcoming second season of Babylon’s Fall which will now run for two whole seasons straight.

According to an announcement from last week, Babylon’s Fall was originally planned to run a new season every three months. However, feedback from players has convinced publisher Square Enix to extend the second season by three whole months, meaning that the second season will last for six months.

Babylon’s Fall will not receive any new content during the extension and will continue to run the same content introduced with the upcoming second season until November 29, 2022.

The three additional months gained will be used by developer PlatinumGames to “re-evaluate the game’s future operating roadmap”. The announcement carried no further details to add clarification to the otherwise vague statement.

Square Enix previously stated that Babylon’s Fall will continue to be supported despite facing a mountain of criticisms. The publisher noted at the time that PlatinumGames was already working on the third season “and beyond” to assure players of a steady content stream.

It is possible that Square Enix will be extending all upcoming seasons. If PlatinumGames has already completed the third and possibly fourth seasons, extending each season to last six months instead of three will get the publisher to cover another year. PlatinumGames can use all of those extra months to improve and fix the state of the game itself instead of chalking up content.

Babylon’s Fall has literally fallen to tough times following its troubled release. As far as players are concerned, the game is as good as dead. Its concurrent player count on Steam plummeted to single digits a few weeks back. There was even a time when the game had zero players.

At the time of writing, there are just over a dozen players in the game with a 24-hour peak of 33 players. Those player numbers tell a sorry tale for Square Enix.

It will be difficult to steer around this ship no matter what content gets released in what season.

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