Babylon’s Fall’s Blurry Graphics Are Getting More Legible

Babylon’s Fall features a unique oil-paint graphical style which looks beautiful but also makes it difficult to keep track of everything and everyone during a heated enemy encounter. That legibility concern has now been addressed.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, developer PlatinumGames announced that a new update is now in the works to “improve legibility while retaining the unique oil painting style.” A before-and-after demonstration shows that the update will remove the oil-paint blur and sharpen the graphics to make gameplay clearer.

In addition to improving visibility, PlatinumGames has taken other player-feedback into consideration as well. Upcoming updates will also improve movements and responsiveness, both of which have been said to sometimes feel sluggish. The developer will likely continue addressing all reported concerns while paving way towards the final launch.

Babylon’s Fall recently concluded its second round of closed beta testing for PlayStation 4. The next phase of testing will add PlayStation 5 players to the pool with cross-platform multiplayer enabled. PlatinumGames has not announced any dates for the upcoming closed beta test but which should be happening before the end of the month.

Babylon’s Fall remains without a release date but remains in development for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and PC.

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