Babylon’s Fall Gameplay, Graphics, Release Date and Other Details

If you were waiting for more information regarding Babylon’s Fall, then you probably were really siked for this year’s E3 as Square Enix put their game on display and showed us new mechanics of the game that definitely have us excited. We’ll be showing you developer’s inspirations and how they have created different parts of the game in this Babylon’s Fall Developer Interview.

Babylon’s Fall was inspired by Platinum Games’ many hack-and-slash games. If you’ve been a fan of NieR Automata, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Seamless combat with high-quality animations that just add to the game’s immense amount of depth when it comes to combat.

The idea was to initially create an MMORPG that utilizes advanced movements of the characters that the developers had designed. We’ll be seeing the different aspects of the game that were highlighted in Babylon’s Fall Developer Interview after the E3.

Conception of Babylon’s Fall

You’ll find Babylon’s Fall concept rather simple, yet something that hasn’t properly been explored in the past. If you’re really into hack-and-slash games and have always felt like there’s a missing multiplayer element, then this is the game for you.

Completing various adventures alongside your friends as you tackle hordes and hordes of enemies coming at you. Each of you holding your own weight against foes and upgrading yourselves as you move along.

Your skilled party will progress through different dungeons as you continue towards a never-ending goal. The core elements of the game make it an extremely enjoyable and satisfactory experience.

Solo or Co-op?

If you feel like playing through the game’s adversities on your own, you can choose to play solo. However, the game’s best enjoyed with three other friends alongside you. Accomplishing different goals and going up the ranks together looks to be a great experience from what we’ve seen.

Kill and loot; that’s the motto. As you fight stronger and stronger opponents, you’ll upgrade your characters to new heights.

What about Updates?

You might think that the game after release will be stagnant and you’ll be left to deal with Babylon’s Fall initial content for the entire duration of time you’re playing through the game.

That ain’t it pal! There are a number of updates that will keep hitting. You heard us, the developers will be supporting the game with regular updates that will introduce new skills and new activities for you and your friends to continuously accomplish.

The Looting System

You’ll gain different equipment by defeating enemies. You can also choose to craft your own items. If you feel like you need to push beyond the barrier and become the best fighter in the game, then you’re going to have to absolutely experiment with the crafting aspect. Combine your equipment and get stronger! Your enemies won’t stand a chance.

The ‘WOW’ Factor of Babylon’s Fall

Most traditional hack-and-slash games have you upgrading your character and utilizing different combination of skills to overpower your opponent. With Babylon’s Fall, you’ll be able to design yourself from scratch and create your own cool playstyle. Your playstyle changes depending on your build.

Think you’ve overplayed a certain skillset for too long? Just start fresh, and work on something else to keep your gameplay interesting.

Gideon’s Coffin

Players can utilize Gideon’s Coffin for all kinds of cool stuff. You’ll be able to equip additional weapons which means you can have different weapon sets for huge diversity in moves and combos.

The Gideon Gut can also give you various abilities like temporary buffs and leeching life from your enemies.

Weapon Types in Babylon’s Fall

There will be a total of five weapon types in Babylon’s Fall on launch:

  • Swords
  • Hammers
  • Bows
  • Staffs
  • Shields

Feel free to experiment with all five of them and become a master of all five utilizing Gideon’s Coffin. Use Gideon’s Gut to plan out amazing new combos.

Visuals in Babylon’s Fall

Considering the fantasy setting of Babylon’s Fall, the game’s artistic approach feels like it belongs. That’s thanks to the artist who worked on the higher fantasy setting of the game. Mr. Tajima worked on a unique visual style based on classic European Oil Paintings.

The goal for the developers was to create a deeply layered, high-quality fantasy world that was made in an oil painting style seen in classic sword and sorcery fantasy works.

Kouji Tajima worked on character designs as a concept artist and the entire world of the game; his impressive portfolio made him perfect for the job, and everyone probably agrees with what he’s built with the game’s vibrant theme and setting that makes it feel so polished and sophisticated.

How does the Game Start?

You’re thrown into the world as a prisoner by a nation at war. You’ll start off fighting for your captors similar to the gladiators of Ancient Rome. You’ll be fighting for your freedom as you fight more and more enemies.

The player is The Sentinel and they will unfold their stories as they learn new skills and grow stronger. As they earn more renown, so too will they earn their freedom.

Music of the Game

The music had to be properly aligned with the European Oil Painting inspiration of the game. You’ll be hearing medieval European style of music to immerse you in the game itself.

The heavy and solemn feel of the game’s music will make you feel your character’s suffering, as they grow stronger. The recordings were done in Eastern Europe to properly fit the game’s art style.

Version 1.0

The game will be in Version 1.0 at the initial launch and will have ample content to satisfy the players. Developers will continue to add more and more content to keep the game diverse and enjoyable. You’ll find various ranking challenges to keep you engaged as you continue to test your abilities.

Not to mention there will also be a battle pass that you can purchase. You’ll earn various items from leveling up that help you with the game’s progression as well as interesting cosmetics to make you stand out.


Babylon’s Fall will feature a wide variety of assortments in the micro-transaction departments. You can choose to buy items directly from the game. However, the developer has assured that none of these microtransactions will affect the gameplay.

Live-Service Feature

The game’s live-service feature ensures that the players grow with the game. The motivation to create a hack-and-slash game isn’t just entirely dependent on the developers themselves but works in favor of the players too.

The developers have promised to work alongside the player base to hear their feedback and improve the game accordingly.

Release Date

Babylon’s Fall releases on the 11th of November 2021. Draw your swords, staffs, hammers, or shields, and get ready to face the challenges coming towards you. From the interview, we know that this is something all hack-and-slash fans are going to adore.

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