Babylon’s Fall’s Not Dead, Assures Square Enix

Babylon’s Fall has no intention to wave a white flag after releasing to a mountain of negative scores and criticisms earlier in the month.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, publisher Square Enix assured that “there are no plans to reduce the scale of development on Babylon’s Fall.” The first two seasons are now “practically complete” with developer PlatinumGames already working on the third season “and beyond”.

Square Enix also noted that Babylon’s Fall will continue to improve based on player feedback. The publisher hopes that new content will not only retain existing players but also attract newcomers in the long run.

Babylon’s Fall has been called the worst game to release for any platform in recent years and is currently (still) the worst-rated PlayStation 5 game in history. On Steam, the action hack-and-slash role-player has been seeing an average of around a couple of hundred players on a daily basis with an all-time peak of barely over 1,000 players during its three-week-long release.

Last week, Square Enix launched a survey for players to fill and help improve the current state of Babylon’s Fall. The survey contained questions relating to the graphics and various design elements such as equipment, map layouts, playable and non-playable characters, the user interface, and camera movements.

The survey expired on the weekend but Square Enix has not made its findings public. Chances are that the gathered feedback was negative, which PlatinumGames will be using to improve the game with future patches and content updates.

Babylon’s Fall is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. The game will receive new game modes, new story expansions, and new weapons for free down the road.

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