Days Gone Update 1.6 is Live, Patch Notes and Death Stranding

It seems like that Sony Bend also wants to celebrate the launch of Death Stranding in Days Gone. New update 1.6 for Days Gone has gone live and it brings Death Stranding content to the zombie survival game. The new Death Stranding content we are talking about in the new update includes themed bike tanks, decals, and a frame paint.

Bike Customization in a Death Stranding theme is obviously the highlight of this new patch. While riding the bike was already a cool thing to do in Days Gone, adding the Death Stranding customization option just adds the extra flavor. I am sure that many of the Days Gone owners will be going back to try out the new update.

Now, the question is, will there be more crossovers like these with other Sony Worldwide Studios? Days Gone seemed to be the perfect fit for a crossover, what else could be there? We could see some references in the The Last of Us Part II however, that as we all know, has been delayed.

Now, the latest Days Gone Update isn’t all about Death Stranding. There is a bunch of tweaks and fixes for the game. For instance, to improve the accessibility, Sony Bend has introduced a UI COLOR MODE to make things more clear. Apart from that, the developer has also introduced some changes in regards to Black Friday. You can check out the complete patch notes here.

Sony Bend is calling the Update 1.6 “the final feature update”. Does this mean that no new features for the game in future? Days Gone did enjoy descent review scores from critics and has been selling well since its release.

The game is also a strong contender for a release on PlayStation 5 with backwards compatibility or even a new port would be great. Days Gone is now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Pro as a PlayStation exclusive.