The Award for “Quickest Sellout in GameStop’s History” Goes to PlayStation VR

During Gamestop’s financial conference the company revealed some very interesting information about PlayStation VR. According to the retailer, Sony’s PlayStation VR is selling like hot cakes.

Gamestop financials mention that PSVR had the “Quickest Sellout in GameStop’s History.” Their partership with Sony is going better than expected.

The allocated PSVR units ran out “literally in five minutes.” Gamestop is not the only one, something similar happened over at Amazon as well where PlayStation VR Units were sold out quickly.

Sony is taking PSVR and its overall approach to the market very seriously. Sony is content on making sure VR is not considered a gimmick.

Sony is in-talks with major third party publishers to bring content to its VR device. Many of them are already on board and working on VR games.

At E3 2016, Sony announced Resident Evil 7 VR and Final Fantasy XV VR experience. Meanwhile, EA is working on Battlefront VR. Ubisoft is also on-board with PSVR and is working on amazing new games.

It is a fact that VR market will take a couple of years of fully come in its own. But its growth is very promising which as we can see encourages fans to buy a VR unit.

Sony’s main rival, Microsoft, is keeping itself distant from VR and is instead focusing on Augmented Reality. It is working on a $3000 device called HoloLens that bring virtual world to you.

According to Microsoft, the world isn’t ready for HoloLens and they will make the same mistakes as they did with Kinect.

This means that Sony is the sole ruler of VR in the console space.

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