Avengers PS4 Game Might Actually Come Out On PlayStation 5

The Square Enix E3 press conference turned out as quite a downer for most fans. The news of an Avengers PS4 game was pretty exciting but the developers didn’t have much to show for it. Although fans couldn’t get to see much back then it looks like they might have to wait for the PlayStation 5 to come out.

A recent job listing has raised serious concerns about the Avengers PS4 game ever coming out. Moreover, there hasn’t been any significant breakthrough in the development of the game. This brings us to the opening listed by Crystal Dynamics for a Lead Software Engineer.

The opening has asked the applicant to have prior experience with “next-gen platforms”. The platforms required for the above-mentioned experience are Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. So, this would suggest that they are looking to work on PlayStation 5.

In this regard, Crystal Dynamics opened up a new studio for the Avengers Project not a while back as well. So the most appealing issue here stands to be the demands of the job listing. Avengers PS4 game might be looking to get developed on PlayStation 5 after all. And like many games, we could see the game on both last-generation and next-generation.

The decision to switch the Avengers project to next-gen PlayStation console is quite justified. The main reason behind it is that developers have not come up with anything big right now anyways. So, if they are going to prolong it enough they might as well release is on the next big thing.

Meanwhile, porting games to PS5 and Xbox Scarlett is reportedly going to be easier. Yet some developers still think that they won’t make lives of developers any easier.

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