Marvel’s Avengers Game Will Have Customization As Well As Exclusive Character Skins And Cosmetics

In a Q&A panel with Crystal Dynamics and Marvel games, Bill Rosemann and Noah Hughes answered questions fans had surrounding the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers video game. Among the questions, a prominent topic was whether or not the Marvel’s Avengers video game will have fancy new exclusive character skins or other cosmetics.

Here’s the questionnaire itself from a formerly live periscope on Twitter:

As you can see, alternate skins will be an option in-game. These customizable characters will feature both brand new skins that haven’t been seen before, as well as some classic costumes. Expect to see spandex Steve Rogers and tin can Iron-Man.

Now regarding Marvel’s The Avengers, we do know that the game supports 4-player co-op and multiplayer in general basically. So obviously there is a motive to have alternate cosmetics that you can show off to your friends.

The Avengers video game can be played in an offline single-player mode. This means your fellow Avengers may either be AI controlled or the player will be allowed to switch between them. Players can also take their favorite Avengers out for solo missions. These solo Avengers can, therefore, be decked out in the several costumes you’ll unlock along the way.

The method to unlock these skins and costumes is relatively unknown right now. Square Enix did suggest that there won’t be loot box like gimmicks. This implies that you’ll get the costumes from doing specific tasks assigned to you within the game. This could either be a story mission or some sort of challenge mode.

Furthermore, the multiplayer can be accessed at any point in the story. The online matchmaking will place you alongside other players around the world playing the same mission. The same concept applies to if you’re going at it with a friend, finally, there are missions excluding the main story which do tie into the events of the plot one way or the other.

These side missions will allow you to play as any hero not restricted to the main cast of the game itself. Of course, this means the main story missions will most likely only allow you to play as the big boys. The missions with any heroes allowed will also be multiplayer. All of these heroes will be having customization options to choose from. Perhaps the side missions will serve as ways to unlock some of the gear.

You don’t need an online connection to play the Avengers video game either. Crystal Dynamic has emphasized on wanting the single-player and multiplayer modes to merge together well. Whether it will be jumping in and out similar to how Borderlands or Destiny functions is unknown.

Considering that the game isn’t open world, the multiplayer will probably function similar to how the online matchmaking of Halo was when doing a campaign mission.

As a summary, you can enjoy Marvel’s The Avengers video game in three ways. One is single-player through and through. Two is multiplayer with random people through matchmaking. Three is partying up with your friends. Neither method is mandatory.

Square Enix will be bringing the Avengers video game to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The game will also have a photo mode to properly showcase your well earned cosmetics in great detail.

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