Australian Players Can Now Request A Refund For Fallout 76

The history of Fallout 76 has not been great since its launch and hopes of the players for the experience to improve have died slowly but steadily. The constant presence of bugs and all kinds of errors have caused interest to be lost in the most recent game of the Bethesda franchise. Situations like this have brought back the debate about the need to offer refunds.

According to a GameSpot report, the Australian Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (ACCC) reported that ZeniMax, a Bethesda company, acknowledged that Fallout 76’s performance was in contradiction with the legal framework for consumer protection in that country.

Their divisions in Europe and Australia agreed to offer refunds for some Fallout 76 players. According to the information, ZeniMax accepted that the problems of Fallout 76, both in its graphic performance and in its online environment, could be considered by Australian law as a hoax for the players. That’s reason enough for a reimbursement request to be made.

That said, the commission revealed that ZeniMax will offer the refunds requested by Fallout 76 players that were made between November 24, 2018 and June 1, 2019, so users will receive their money back and lose access to the game.

In other news, after the announcement of the Fallout 1st subscription service for Fallout 76, complaints from both game users and the community in general were bad. There were some players who decided to pay for this subscription and shortly after reports arose that indicated they did not get what the exclusivity promised.

Bethesda spoke about the main anomalies. One of the problems that users pointed out is that related to their Scrap is vanishing, Fallout 1st was supposed to grant unlimited storage of creation components, but instead made resources disappear. This in the first instance was an inconsistency only of interface, because in reality the users had the material and could use it to create.

According to a statement that Bethesda sent to Polygon, it was something that happened with Fallout 76 users who have large amounts of components. However, some time later, the developer acknowledged that it was, in effect, a problem of loss of resources and mentioned that they are already working to solve it, as well as to restore lost units.

Another mistake that players had reported are the apparently inhabited worlds, which suggested that subscribers were receiving recycled maps. The company denied this and clarified.

When a member of Fallout 1st creates a private World, a dedicated world is launched on an [Amazon Web Services] server.

What causes users to see looted containers when they appear in a new world is the usual operation of Fallout 76, because if the player sculpted containers on a server and then goes to a new one, the containers remain as if they were already looted in a certain way. Period.

Finally, the company also touched on the issue of Private Worlds options and said they are already working on adding options to control privacy and prevent all members on the host’s friends list from having access. I remind you that Fallout 76 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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