August Marked As Biggest Fortnite Month Ever With 78 Million Players

The hype of Fortnite never seems to rest for a minute as the popularity of the game has taken it to new heights. Epic Games declared that the battle royale has seen its best month up till now. The month of August saw 78.3 Million players tuning in to play Fortnite.

For starters, this puts the rumors to a close which were trying to suggest a downfall of Fortnite was in order already. As it stands we are a long way from that perhaps. Fortnite now rests with the all-time classics such as Minecraft and League of Legends.

Epic Games revealed these jaw-dropping numbers of players joining in to play Fortnite while announcing the details about Fall Skirmish on their official website. The developers of the battle royale game suggested that the mass of players have actually contributed in making the game better every day. Epic Games admitted having learned about a lot of weak points of the game as more and more players starting to tune in to Fortnite.

Developers acknowledged that the systems of the game have only seen improvements because of a crowded user-base making them aware of each fault one by one. From stats to servers all has been put to its place in efforts of making the gaming experience of millions of players easier.

Fortnite can now certainly be listed in the most elite video games because before this battle royale game took the gaming industry by storm. Games like League of Legends and Minecraft have been considered the untouchables because their count of users was numbered at unreal figures.

Minecraft was known to have reached 74 million players in a month whereas League of Legends was seen having over 100 million players in 2016 alone. Now that Fortnite is making its entry to newer ports like on Nintendo Switch and Android consoles the numbers are only ever going to grow for the hottest game in the market right now.

If this Fortnite madness carries on, the previous records are going to keep getting smashed one after another. The popularity of the game has even seen a regular streamer of the game make it to the ESPN magazine cover.

Source: Game Reactor

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