Koei Tecmo Announces Attack On Titan 3DS Game: Escape From Certain Death

Koei Tecmo has announced that a new Attack on Titan 3DS game, known as “Escape From Certain Death”, is coming soon for the Nintendo 3DS. This is merely the latest announcement for the series that took Japan and the anime world by storm, which has not had a new season for several years at this point.

According to the Japanese magazine Famitsu, Escape From Certain Death will have an original story with an original protagonist (so no, you will not be playing as Eren Jager for the umpteenth time).

Considering that Koei Tecmo’s “Attack On Titan” console game only released a few weeks ago on consoles and PC, it’s going to be good to get a breath of fresh air (especially since Koei Tecmo’s Berserk musou game is going to be coming out soon, as well).

However, you will not be completely devoid of familiar characters in the game. Your character, a member of the show’s Survey Corps (or Scouting Legion or whichever translation you read) can be male or female. If you’re male, then Mikasa Ackerman will be joining you in the story. Captain Levi will be joining you if you are a female.

Season 2 of the Attack on Titan anime is due to start premiering in April, though if you’ve followed the manga then you’re likely going to be up to speed on the story anyway.

The Attack On Titan 3DS game is only around 30 percent complete at the moment, but apparently the plot will focus around your character attempting to escape a castle, where you’ve lost all of your equipment and the Titans are closing in. With the help of your partner, you will have to come up with a plan to escape…from certain death.



Anyway, in case you can’t really wait for Escape from Certain Death to come out, there’s still Koei Tecmo’s console action game to play, which should help to keep you occupied until the 3DS game and season 2 of the anime finally come out next year.

Hopefully it will be better than the fairly mediocre “Humanity in Chains” 3DS game that came out a while ago.