Attack on Titan 2 Allies Guide – All Allies, How To Save

No one likes to lose friends, and definitely not if they have a part to play in the progression of a game. The Attack on Titan 2 Allies Guide covers all the allies you can save and the ways you could employ to do so. Since no one is safe in the world of Attack on Titan 2, the ones that need saving and our Attack on Titan 2 Guide will help you do just that.

Attack on Titan 2 Allies

Throughout the course of the game, you make many friends. Some live long enough to see the light of the day, some do not.

However, you can change that ‘don’t’ part a little. You can intervene to save some of the allies from certain death. Note, though, this is only possible after you complete the whole campaign at least once. You can then go back to the specific missions where a character dies and change the outcome.

Allies help you boost up your relationship with them which comes with its own benefits. Moreover, you can also acquire certain skills from them which gives you an edge in fighting those Titans. Below you will find which Allies you can bring back to life by not letting them die in the first place.

Mina and Thomas
Go back to the very first battle level and roam around until a particular side mission unlocks (with a yellow sign). Accepting this, you will need to battle a Titan which would have otherwise killed Mina and Thomas, as it happened in your earlier play-through.

Ian and Mitabi
Return to the ‘Primar Roar Level’ and wait until a side mission with yellow flair unlocks. Use the side mission’s description to guide you to the location of the next Titan you will face. Kill it, to ensure that Ian and Mitabi do not suffer death.

During the same level mentioned above, wait until the cutscene with Levi ends. Head to the yellow flair side mission and simply save him from a Titan you need to tackle.

Levi Squad
For this, head to the ‘Choices and Consequences’ level. After helping and serving the scouts during the escort, a yellow side mission pops up. Complete it since it will help you rescue the Levi Squad from a sudden attack and potential death.

The ‘Beast Titan’ level will have a number of green side missions which you need to complete. If you are able to do so, a yellow side mission will pop up which you can complete by saving Miche from a Titan attack.

Gelgar and Nanaba
The level to be replayed is ‘Utgard Castle’ where you are tasked to build bases. During construction of these, you will come across the yellow side mission. Accept it to help Gelgar and Nanaba rescue horses successfully without any harm done.

Head back to the level titled ‘Charge’ and carry out the green side missions. Accept the yellow side mission and save Hannes from the Titan attack to have him as your ally.

This is all we have in our Attack on Titan 2 Allies Guide. If you have anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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