How To Increase Inventory Space In Atomic Heart

To increase your inventory space in Atomic Heart, you need Neuropolymers. Learn how many you need and how to use them in the game!

Inventory management plays a big role in Atomic Heart since you need it to store all your weapons, consumables, and ammo. The Atomic Heart inventory space is made up of about 30 slots. These slots are filled considering the item that occupies them.

For example, weapons take up varying amounts of space, and whole healing items and smaller consumables take one slot. Similarly, ammo also takes up one slot and can stack up.  

With the number of supplies you can collect, thanks to the auto collection using CHAR-les, your inventory will not be sufficient to carry more items as the game progresses.

Thankfully, you can increase the storage of your character by using neuropolymers. The storage can be increased to 40 slots if fully upgraded.

To increase your inventory in Atomic Heart, knowing how to get Neuropolymers, how many you need, and how to use them is important. 

How to increase your inventory capacity in Atomic Heart

The game gives you a base inventory storage of 20 slots. The Atomic Heart inventory upgrade can be done using Neuropolymers. You will then need to acquire the Neuro-Compression Tactical Backpack upgrade to increase the number of slots.

Each Neuro-compression Tactical Backpack requires 75 Neuropolymers. The inventory will expand by 10 extra slots when you use this upgrade. Unlock both the skills to get a total of 20 extra inventory slots. 

This upgrade can be accessed after you have bought Extra Capacity Cluster Munition.  This upgrade also increases the amount of ammunition you can pile up in one stack.

To completely upgrade your inventory, you will need about 177 Neuropolymers. They can be found as loot after defeating enemies. Smaller enemies usually give 1 or 2 polymers, but more difficult enemies can give as many as 10 Neuropolymers.

The storage space with 20 slots is more than enough if you are careful in your inventory management. You can save a lot of space by keeping large or medium healing packs. The Extra Capacity Cluster Munitions will also be very beneficial for your inventory space as it lets more ammo be stacked up per slot.

The NORA storage can also be very useful in your inventory management because you can store extra items you have scavenged. You can also store raw materials from dismantling duplicate weapons which can be used to craft useful items used later in the game.

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