Atomic Heart Dewdrop Boss Guide

Dewdrop is the seventh boss in Atomic Heart that the players will encounter while doing Academy of Consequences.

Packing the latest biomechanics technology, Dewdrop is the most advanced robotic boss. Judging from the looks, it looks like a mechanized octopus that contains biopolymer in the veins instead of blood.

Dewdrop has a variety of attacks involving lasers and melted polymer which can deal a lot of damage. The only thing that can let you deal damage is the Telekinesis Ability which can levitate this beast ultimately creating an attack window.

Dewdrop location

In Atomic Heart, you will come across Dewdrop during the Academy of Consequences chapter before the Twins fight. This final chapter will happen once you start investigating the Pavlov Complex and make your way to the lighthouse.

How to defeat Dewdrop in Atomic Heart

Before we move to the Dewdrop fight, let’s first talk about his weaknesses and vulnerabilities to different weapons. As for weapons, the way to deal damage is by a shotgun filled with electric cartridges.

Another good way to deal massive damage is by using Mass Telekinesis to levitate Dewdrop and hit him with any charge attack.


First Phase

Due to its hard exoskeleton, Dewdrop has a lot of resistance and can take a lot of beating before getting damaged.

While fighting, Dewdrop will roll around the battlefield and at the same time fire laser towards P-3. Because of rolling movement, you cannot predict where the laser will hit. The best way to prevent damage is by making dodge moves to the laser as they come.

As the laser attack will deal massive damage to you therefore the best strategy in the first phase is to maintain your distance. That said, you can also use a long-range weapon like Dominator or Kalash to deal damage from afar.

To boost your damage output, you can use the help of Condensed Milk. Between the laser attacks, you will get a small attacking window in which Dewdrop rests. Use the Mass Telekinesis to levitate and hit him with charged attacks.

Second Phase

When Dewdrop’s health drops down close to half, the second phase of the fight will begin. During this phase, Dewdrop will become a little more vulnerable to your attacks, but at the same time, its attacks also become quite strong.

Dewdrop will now attack involving liquid polymer from his tentacles. Meanwhile, its tentacles are also a good weak spot to target as they are drenched in liquid polymer. 

During the second phase, the laser attack continues with the addition of fireballs of polymer. You must stay out of the kill zone between his two arms that he uses to crush you.

Simply use the Mass Telekinesis in between attacks and hit him with a Shotgun electric cartridge. As the health pool of the Dewdrop is not massive, you will beat him within no time.

To maximize your damage output, you can use the help of a Railgun or Fat Boy. While using these weapons, make sure to dodge all the incoming tentacle strikes. Meanwhile, you can also use the whale in the arena as a shield from all incoming attacks while you reload or heal.

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