Atlus Asks Fans If They Want New Persona 6 Platforms, But Not Vita Or 3DS

A recent Atlus survey may cause new Persona 6 platforms to be coming in the future, if fans want the games on PC, Playstation VR, and more.

Atlus has given players the option of saying that they might want the next Persona game to go multiplatform in a variety of ways, as long as those ways aren’t to the Playstation Vita or the Nintendo 3DS. The studio is the same one behind Shin Megami Tensei and the Persona series.

Those two game series are some of Atlus’s most popular, in particular Persona which caused a huge wave when Persona 5 was announced and, after several years, released. Atlus’s question about new Persona 6 platforms means that there would be a possibility of the next game going multiplatform.

Shin Megami Tensei is already going multi-platform, for instance. After several years of the games releasing exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS, such as Shin Megami Tensei 4, the next entry in the game is going to be releasing on the Nintendo Switch.

Normally Persona games are exclusive to the Playstation, with the only exceptions to this rule being the Persona Q games, which are not only side games but also released only on the Nintendo 3DS. Depending on fan response, however, we may get the next numbered Persona game on the Playstation 4, Playstatiom VR, PC, Smartphone, or “other”.

Whether this means we’ll be getting the games on platforms other than the Playstation, or if the games will be multiplatform, isn’t necessarily clarified yet. But what platform the next Persona game comes out on could likely depend on the survey.

Though, at the same time, it’s just as likely that the games will stay exclusively to the Playstation. While many Persona side games might end up on other consoles, like the Q games, the Persona Arena games, and more, most Persona games are still exclusive to the Playstation family, like the “Dancing” rhythm games.

We’ll have to wait and see how the survey pans out to see if we get new Persona 6 platforms whenever that game is coming out, but hopefully whatever platform the game ends up on, Atlus will be able to make that Persona game just as good as the other Persona games that it’s released before.

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