Atlas Taming Guide

Surviving alone can be harsh sometimes, so it is better to team up with the creatures of the wild, to make your life a bit easier. Like ARK Survival Evolved, most of the animals in Atlas can be tamed and each of them can work for you in different ways as we will explain in this Atlas Taming Guide.

Atlas Taming

To begin taming you must have unlocked Beast Mastery Skill Tree; this can be accessed once you have unlocked “Tools of the Trade” and “Hand to Hand Combat” skills under Survivalism Tree.

Furthermore, each animal required different levels of taming to tame it. Therefore, you have to progress through Beast Mastery tree and unlock Taming 1, Taming 2 and Taming 3, in order to tame all the creature available in Atlas.

You can also Ride, the tamed animals using the Riding skill under Beast Mastery skill tree, which may come in handy.

There are two types of taming, taming an animal that may not harm the player is called passive taming, and it is usually very fast and easy. While fighting and dominating a hostile animal is called Advanced taming, which may be more challenging.

For passive taming, there are usually no basic requirements, in most cases, but for some animals, a Bola is required. A Bola is a weapon is used to knock out animals for a specific amount of time.

For advanced taming, Bola is an essential requirement along with improved weapons to deal with the deadly beasts you are trying to tame.

Passive Taming

There are quite a few passive animals at the island; they can be used as a source of food or other raw materials. They are very easy to tame since they do not attack the player when approaching them.

Passive animals can be tamed by approaching them and taking a look at what they require. The item they require must be fed to them. This can be done by simply equipping that ingredient and interacting with the animal.

There is a taming gauge that fills each time you feed the animal; you will be able to see it when you are close enough to the animal. After feeding them a few times, the player will make a bond with the animal and you would have successfully tamed it.

Some passive animals are listed below with the required ingredient to feed them. Along with their utility.

  • Rabbit: Requires Carrots. (Taming 1 required)
  • Chicken: Require berries. Produces Eggs. (Taming 1 required)
  • Sheep: Require Chamomile. Produces Fleece. Can also be mounted, without saddle. (Taming 1 required)
  • Pigs: Require Maize. Can provide you Prime meat. Can also be mounted, without saddle. (Taming 2 required)
  • Cows or Bull: Require rushes. Can provide you Milk and Prime meat. Can also be mounted, to collect berries and thatch faster. (Taming 2 required)

Some of the passive animals can be a bit shy, so they will flee as soon as they see you. Therefore, in order to get your hands on them, you will have to use stealth to get close to them and knock them out with a Bola.

Sometimes knocking them down once is not enough so you will be required to knock them down multiple times until the tame meter is filled.

Some passive animals that flee are listed below with required ingredients to feed them. Along with their utility.

  • Monkey: Requires berries, approach with stealth but a bola is not required. (Taming 1 required)
  • Parrots: Requires Hardtack, which can be obtained by cooking 5 Maize, required Bola. (Taming 1 required)
  • Seagulls: Requires Raw Prime Fish Meat, which can only be acquired by killing sharks. Acts as a Shoulder pet. (Taming 2 required)
  • Horse: Requires Sugar Cane, approach with stealth and Bola must be used. It can be mounted but a saddle is required. (Taming 2 required)
  • Giraffe: Requires Beets, approach with stealth and Bola must be used. Can carry multiple players but a saddle is required. (Taming 3 required)
  • Ostrich: Required Chili, approach with stealth and Bola must be used. Can be mounted but a saddle is required. It can travel very fast. (Taming 2 required)

Besides, some passive animals can also be a bit aggressive. You have to use the Bola Taming method to tame them. However, it would be easier than taming the other aggressive animals and you won’t have to deal with much trouble.

Advanced Bola Taming

Advanced taming is to tame, a more aggressive animal that may assist you in combat. Advanced taming is much more challenging and is advised to so if you are a high-level player and quite familiar with the game.

In order to do so, initially, you must find the animal you want to tame, then you must injure it to about 10% of its total health, then you will be able to use your Bola to knock them out.

When knocked out, you are able to feed the animal by putting the preferred food in its inventory. Gradually it eats the food from its inventory and the taming gauge gains progress.

While the most difficult part is to actually get the animal to 10% health, you are still not out of danger, when you have knocked it out. When you have got an animal trapped with Bola, you will see a timer with it stating Bola Escape timing.

When this timer runs out, the animal will escape the trap and half of its health will also be recovered. Besides, there are various threats lurking around in the wild too like other animals or other players.

Therefore, once you have knocked out an animal, it is advised to not lose sight of it. You can also protect it by building a structure around it, although it is not necessary since it does consume a good amount of resources.

Some aggressive animals are listed below with required ingredients to feed them. Along with their utility.

  • Vulture: Are attracted towards expired meat. (Taming 2 required)
  • Wolf: Requires Bones. Can assist you in combat and can be mounted using a saddle. (Taming 2 required)
  • Elephant: Requires Wheatgrass. Multiple players can ride it using a saddle. Acts as a tank during combat. (Taming 3 required)
  • Tiger: Required Prime Meat can assist you in combat and can guard you. With additional skill and a tiger saddle, you can also ride it. (Taming 3 required)
  • Bears: Require honey, can assist you in combat and can guard you. With additional skill and can also ride it, it can also be used to more efficiently gather fibers. (Taming 2 required)
  • Lion: Requires Prime Meat. Can be mounted using a saddle. An excellent choice to pair with when engaging a threat since it has great speed and great damage. (Taming 3 required)
  • Rhino: Requires Turnips. You can ride it using a saddle. It has a charge ability which makes it rush forward with insane speed, can be used to cover a great distance. Can also be used to collect berries. (Taming 3 required)
  • Bull: Requires rushes, fronds and vegetables. Taming Tier 2 is required to tame them.
  • Crow: It is a bird and requires worms, fruits and berries. Taming Tier 2 is required to tame it.
  • Razortooth: It is a dino bird and is pretty aggressive. You need cooking and farming recipes to feed it and it would choose randomly. Taming Tier 3 is required to tame it.

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