Atari’s Upcoming Ataribox Will Be Based On PC Technology, Atari CEO Confirms

Atari has already confirmed that it will be making a comeback in the console market with the Ataribox. However, the company has not revealed much about its console and now the company has revealed the tech the console will be based on.

As for the console itself, we have only got a glimpse of it with a teaser trailer that hints at a retro-styled console with a classic wood grain finish. However, Atari CEO has confirmed that the upcoming Ataribox will be powered by PC technology.

Current gen consoles architecture is quite similar to PC’s and Atari seems to be following the same road. However, it is unlikely that the upcoming console from Atari will rival Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but, Atari might surprise us with the use of the PC tech.

Do you think it is right move from Atari to jump back in the console market? Let us know in the comments.

Source: PCGamer

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