There Will Be At Least Three New Sea Of Thieves Content Packs Coming This Year

At least three other pieces of new Sea of Thieves content will be coming to the Xbox and PC later this year after Cursed Sails.

This year has been a busy one for Microsoft and Rare in particular, with the release of the open-world sailing game Sea of Thieves. Though the game has gotten a good deal of criticism for not having very much to do in it, it appears that new Sea of Thieves content is still coming.

There has already been at least one post-launch piece of new content for Sea of Thieves recently, the Hungering Deep, which has players embark on a quest to slay a gigantic prehistoric shark known as a Megalodon. However, that pack also got some criticism for being very short (once you kill the Megalodon it’s over, there’s nothing else added).

E3 2018’s Microsoft conference did give us news of the next content group, however, called Cursed Sails. Cursed Sails will bring out a new island, an added threat of ghost pirate ships crewed by skeletons, a new ship for three people called the brigantine. All of that is supposed to arrive sometime later this month.

But in addition to those, there are supposed to be three new Sea of Thieves content packs coming later this year. This news comes from two higher-ups at Rare, studio head Craig Duncan and design director Mike Chapman, and Chapman said that these new updates would be coming out sometime after Cursed Sails, so there’s still a while to go before we find out what exactly these three updates will entail.

Either way, hopefully they will all add more and more content to a game that only a few weeks after its release was already facing criticism from a large number of gamers about a lack of any new content in the game beyond the various fetch quests.

We’ll have to see what Cursed Sails and the upcoming new Sea of Thieves content packs have in store for players later this year.

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